Message of the Day – Freedom of Speech

Look what reached by inbox from Wisconsin.

It was obvious that feelings were running hot in the recall election in which Republican Governor Scott Walker soundly defeated Tom Barrett.

Want to know how high?

Take a look at the sign vandalism below:

A "Stand with Walker" sign has been split in half. Next to the defaced sign is another saying, "Democrat Freedom of Speech."


Message of the Day – Freedom of Speech — 2 Comments

  1. I am actually astonished by the composure of the good working people of Wisconsin who have been lied to and cheated out of representative government and their right to collectively bargain.

    Anyone who tells me that Scott Walker won a popular vote last Tuesday is a fool.

    His “supporters” have been hypnotized by months of high-powered, high priced advertizing and a show of monetary force never seen in a political campaign in this country.

    Walker and his powerful, wealthy puppetmasters have literally purchased the Governor’s office in that state.

    Democrats everywhere should be acutely aware that this indeed is just the tip of this iceberg.

    We may very well see the takeover of the Federal Government by the very same plutocratic interests who have invested so heavily in the Wisconsin coup d’etat.

    These people have about as much interest in the well-being of Wisconsin’s citizenry as their corporate counterparts, hiding their money in offshore accounts, and lobbying our elected representatives to allow non-payment of fair and equitable taxes.

    Tom Barrett is no fighter.

    He is a conciliator, much like our president.

    The unions were born and bred fighting greed and autocratic financial manipulation.

    Do not make the mistake that the fight will not continue, and it will not be a contest between who has the most money.

    The people of this nation have been lulled into a stupor by the ugliness of material acquisition, technology and status. I believe an awakening of the True American Spirit is just around the corner.

  2. For the first time in THIRTY YEARS, Wisconsin is out of debt because they have a good governor.

    Now, THAT is astonishing!

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