Memorial Day Traffic Stops by CL Police

A press release from the Crystal Lake Police Department:

The Crystal Lake Police Department Completes Click It or Ticket Crackdown to Save Lives

Construction zone warning not to use cell phones on Rakow Road.

The Crystal Lake Police Department recently has completed its participation in the Illinois Department of Transportation’s (IDOT) Sustained Traffic Enforcement Program conducted for the Memorial Day holiday. Law enforcement agencies throughout Illinois participated in this statewide effort from May 11th to May 28th to save lives by encouraging more motorists to buckle up during late-night hours. During this period, the Crystal Lake Police Department participated in two separate enforcement campaigns to increase safety on our community’s roadways.

During the mobilization, The Crystal Lake Police Department:

  • Stopped 131 motorists for traffic violations
  • Issued 46 safety belt citations
  • Issued 1 child safety seat citation
  • Issued 12 citations for uninsured motorist
  • Issued 12 citations for speeding
  • Issued 56 citations for use of an electronic communication device in a construction zone

In addition, two adult males were each arrested for no valid driver’s license and one adult male was arrested for driving while license suspended.

The recent law enforcement crackdown was funded by federal traffic safety funds through IDOT’s Division of Traffic Safety and is part of the statewide “Drive Sober or Get Pulled over” and “Click it or Ticket” campaigns.

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Sgt. Dan Hulata reports, “All of the 56 citations issued for use of an electronic communications device were written within the Rakow road construction zone between May 11th and 28th by grant funded officers.”


Memorial Day Traffic Stops by CL Police — 6 Comments

  1. I will never understand how cops can zealously enforce seatbelt laws while it’s perfectly legal in this state to drive a motorcycle without a helmet.

  2. I agree john_d.

    Doesn’t make sense to me either but no doubt our legislators were trying to satisfy a special interest group when this law was passed.

  3. The Crystal Lake Police Department is out of control.

    Remember when they passed the seat belt law. In order to get it passed, the state promised they would never primarily enforce the law.

    What a joke. The state of Illinois is broke and now they’re out to gouge us.

  4. The Nanny State in one of its most visible forms. How much will you submit too?

  5. Like the police wake up saying I can’t wait to go enforce seatbelts.

    The state gives Departments money to enforce this law because it saves lives.

    If one of you or someone you loved was ejected from a car you would sing a different tune.

    I’m sure most police don’t care if you wear your seat belt or not but they are being paid to do a job at that time, specifically to enforce seatbelt violations.

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