Sun-Times Editorial Cartoonist Jack Higgins Scores Again

Juxtaposed with a "Leaving Wisconsin, Scott Walker, Governor," is this Entering Illinois sign. "We should be so lucky," it says.

Friday’s editorial cartoon in the Chicago Sun-Times by Jack Higgins is trenchant.

I knew the word worked, but had to look up its meaning: “vigorously effective and articulate.”

He shows traffic leaving Wisconsin.

The sign says, “”Leaving Wisconsin, Scott Walker, Governor.”

The next sign is over the Illinois border:

Entering Illinois
We should be
so lucky

Unfortunately, the Sun-Times has not posted the cartoon, so I can’t link to it.


Sun-Times Editorial Cartoonist Jack Higgins Scores Again — 2 Comments

  1. Excellent, and sadly true.

    Heard Paul Ryan on WLS this morning, and he spoke about how he and Walker have talked to Illinois businesses.

    Look for an exodus of businesses heading north, to the more business and citizen friendly Wisconsin.

  2. So if all these businesses are moving to Wisconsin why were they so close to the bottom in job growth?

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