Jack Franks Gets Rid of Obama-Franks-Bean Photo

Jack Franks has decided to update his campaign web site.

Gone is the photo of him, Barack Obama and Melissa Bean.

Sometime since last September, this photograph of Barack Obama with Jack Franks and Melissa Bean disappeared from "Chainsaw Jack" Franks' web site.

He didn’t take the photo down after Joe Walsh won a squeaker of an election against Bean, for whom Franks knocked on doors.

The McHenry County Republican Party hoisted a white flag to Democrat State Rep. Jack Franks last weekend.

But now we got a Presidential election coming up and Franks obviously thinks identification of his party’s top elected official will not help him in McHenry County.

Remaining are photos of

  • Franks and kids holding up certificates,
  • Franks and teens wearing his tee shirts, Franks and a teenage girl in the same tee shirt in front of what looks like a Melissa Bean banner,
  • Franks holding a basket in the Woodstock Square with a little girl and her mother looking into it,
  • Franks in the WIND interview by Dennis Miller in which Miller chides Franks for being opposed to term limits,

But the photo with President Obama is gone.

Maybe it was because he couldn’t photo shop Melissa Bean out of the image.

Why that would matter to him now that the McHenry County Republican Party has hoisted the white surrender flag after seeing him fly his “Jolly Jack” is beyond me.


Jack Franks Gets Rid of Obama-Franks-Bean Photo — 11 Comments

  1. Junior, you would be opposed to any sort of website redesign. Get a life and stop stalking Jack.

  2. Thomas the Engineer….fact of life is that Gus stalks Nygren and Cal stalks Franks…life of the blogger.

    At least Cal allowes opposing views.

    Gutless Gus won’t post anything that shows he’s wrong or is contrary or against him. That’s OK because someday when he’s in court that will bring to light the fact that he APPROVES posts, thereby is liable for them.

    Cal is smart by allowing all comments to be posted.

  3. Cal,
    The white flag portrays Chainsaw Jack well.

    The flag with the crossed bones portrays Jack the THUG pirate image.

    Either one brings out McHenry Co. Republican Party uselessness.

  4. With all the conflict of interest stories about Speaker Madigan in the Tribune, why don’t you spend time writing about him instead of Jack Franks?

    We all know that Franks has no opponent in his race, so please go on to a new topic!

  5. I make a habit of visiting all our local electeds websites often – Althoff, Tryon, Gaffney, and yes, Franks.

    The Obama photo you posted was removed something like six months ago.

    You are, yet again, offering conclusions not found in evidence.

  6. As Reality Check pointed out, this entire post is manufactured out of thin air.

    Let’s see whether Cal has the journalistic integrity to retract it.

    I won’t hold my breath.

  7. Happy to admit that I do not check out “Chainsaw Jack’s” web site frequently.

    It seems of some significance that he no longer wants to associated himself with his top fellow Democrat.

    If anyone can find another reference to the photo’s being taken down, please link to it. I doubt one can find a description of the remaining photos on his web site either.

    As to the GOP’s capitulation to Franks’, I’ll admit that is now old news, but certainly needs to be reiterated often so there is competition next time around.

  8. Skinner hasn’t posted my comments on numerous occasions. Same for Gus.

    I just take it in stride and move on. Maybe you should do the same, Justin.

    Sometimes people just don’t want to read what you have to say. Get over yourself.

  9. I note that the email address used by Irish Boy has utilized two other names.

    There was one comment that I did not approve because it could be interpreted as accusing someone of a crime.

    I was unwilling to assume the potential legal liability for such an anonymous accusation.

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