McHenry County GOP Play Day Announced

The biggest fund raiser for the McHenry County Republican Party is coming up in July.

It’s called Play Day and is dominated by golfing, a sport I have never taken up.

The invitation to the 2012 Republican Play Day says the cost of the dinner is $50.

But, there is a dinner at which political types and their supporters talk things over.

If I’m in town, I try to go.

Below is more information about the July 18th event:

Maybe by July 18th, the Mitt Romney campaign will have its act together well enough to have bumper stickers* (which were not readily available at the weekend Republican State Convention). Click to enlarge.


McHenry County GOP Play Day Announced — 3 Comments

  1. Maybe the Romney campaign realizes they are not going to win Illinois and are being judicious with its resources.

    That is compounded by the most inept statewide office holder chairing the Romney state campaign effort, Dan Rutherford.

    A clown without the make up.

    You would read more about his gaffes if his office had a higher profile.

    Somebody sold Mitt a bill of goods recommending Rutherford to chair the Illinois effort.

    Or maybe he was the only one not wanting to sit on the fence.

    Points for moxie, deduct for ineptitude.

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