Joe Walsh & Jack Franks Get Nominations for Worst Legislator Designation

The Question of the Day Wednesday on Capitol Fax Blog was

Who is the worst politician in Illinois?

Locals with nominations were

  • Joe Walsh
  • Jack Franks

The first of many comments about Joe Walsh was

KGB – Wednesday, Jun 13, 12 @ 12:22 pm:

Joe Walsh — First!!

He listens to no one, has a terrible way of responding to constituents, has a horrid personal life that overshadows any accomplishments of the office.

Did I mention he has no accomplishments?

Local Republicans who think that Jack Franks should have gotten as spirited a campaign as the Democrats are mounting against Joe Walsh might start flying this flag of protest, an upside down elephant on white cloth.

The comment about “Chainsaw Jack” Franks follows:

Dirt Diver – Wednesday, Jun 13, 12 @ 5:15 pm:

Gotta put my 2 cents in for Jack Franks as I can’t believe he hasn’t been mentioned.

Biggest self-promoter there is in the General Assembly. \

I don’t know how that man calls himself a Democrat.

Lacks accountability.

Tried to cash in on the whole pension abuse issue by sponsoring a bill to remove 2 IFT lobbyists from TRS that were allowed into TRS by legislation that he voted for.

He claims he didn’t realize the bill he voted for did that.


Joe Walsh & Jack Franks Get Nominations for Worst Legislator Designation — 3 Comments

  1. You are quoting user comments from Capital Fax. That is about as useful a source as looking to YouTube comments for groundbreaking or insightful news.

    But since you are, here are a few other nominees you failed to miss in order from most recent 40 Comments:
    Bill Brady
    Again, Joe Walsh
    Jason Plummer
    Surprise! Joe Walsh
    Chris Lauzen
    State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez
    Larry Dominick
    Aaron Schock
    HEY! Joe Walsh
    Derrick Smith
    NO WAY! Joe Walsh
    Jason Bummer
    Jim Burke
    Jumpin’ Joe Walsh
    Bill Brady and Jason Plummer,
    Oh no, gotta go, Joe Walsh
    Linda Holmes
    Todd Stroger
    Scott Lee Cohen
    Mayor Daley?
    Madigan to Schmidt to Jackson Jr to JOE WALSH
    Senator Hush Money or JOE WALSH!
    Alvin Parks
    Michael Noland
    Mr. Rocky Mountain Tea Party Way Joe Walsh
    McSweeney or Oberweis.
    Mike Madigan
    Scott Lee Cohen or Mike Noland
    Larry Dominick
    Suzi Schmitt – lol recent charges
    Monique Davis, Madigoon, Scott Lee Cohen,
    Jan Schakowsky
    Steve Rauschenberger
    Barrack Obama – Federal idiot
    Gags Brady and DeadbeatJoe Walsh
    AND FINALLY Post by Dirt Diver at 5:15 PM yesterday! Jack D Franks and it is ONE OF TWO the other by WizzardOfOzzie.

    Wow Cal.

    Jack has done more for McHenry County than you can say for yourself and this sham “news” blog.

    On that note, well done with Tonya and her Manchurian candidacy.

    What’s next for you and Sharon?

  2. I’ll eat my hat if a single republican does this in the greater McHenry county area.

    Cal, you will be as much able to rouse a grassroots campaign with anti-establishment rhetoric against the local GOP as you were in getting Tonya on the ballot THEN shluffing that failure off to Sharon Baloney as her own invention and doing.

    Skinner Junior = All talk, no game.

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