Reporter Lawrence Synett Lands on His Feet with Northwest Herald Greg Pyle Salary Story

Greg Pyle

Former TribLocal reporter Lawrence Synett got canned when the Chicago Tribune jobbed out its Thursday local insert.

But Friday an article appears under his byline in the Northwest Herald.

And the article has gotten 26 comments.

Pretty good for a first-time article.

What’s the subject of the article?

McHenry County Sheriff’s Sgt. Greg Pyle still being on the payroll after being arrested for predatory criminal sexual assault. (See McHenry County Blog’s March 9th story.)

What’s on the WGN-TV web site about Greg Pyle’s still being on Sheriff Keith Nygren’s payroll.

Woodstock Advocate Gus Philpott wrote about that and the lack of the Sheriff’s Merit Commission doing anything about it Wednesday.

“innocent until proven guilty” is a mantra in the American civil justice system.

But, as Gus Philpott on his Woodstock Advocate blog has pointed out,

Philpott quotes the NEW article,”‘Any employee who has accrued time is entitled to it,’ Nygren said. ‘(Greg Pyle) never used any of his time off and even if we fired him, this is money has earned.'”

Then, Philpott comments, “Pyle has never used any of his time off in ten years???

“Does anyone know anyone who has ever drawn on accrued benefits before his employment was terminated?”

The Northwest Herald story seems to have been picked up by WGN-TV.

This morning there was a short story about Pyle’s still being on the payroll.


Reporter Lawrence Synett Lands on His Feet with Northwest Herald Greg Pyle Salary Story — 1 Comment

  1. Interesting – Pyle is not entitled to health insurance or sick days.


    What he actually accrued should be paid with a lump sum check.

    This is a huge snow job. The Northwest Herald will print ANY GARBAGE that Nygren feeds it.

    Did they check anything out?

    Anyone ever hear of investigative reporting?

    Read comments on the NWH article.

    Milliman is accused of lying about Nygren, gets fired for testifying under oath against the sheriff and get fired. Where is his insurance and sick pay?? Do some people want to keep Pyle happy??

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