McHenry County Historic Preservation Commission Announces Photo Winners

A press release from the McHenry County Historical Commission:

McHenry County Historic Preservation Commission Photo Contest Winners

WOODSTOCK, IL – As part of “Look at Local History Month” the McHenry County Historic Preservation Commission ran a photo contest which solicited pictures of historic buildings and architecture of note from around McHenry County.

“Streit Road Barn”, by Peter McCormack. This first place photo highlights the shadow of the farm’s windmill against the barn’s gambreled endwall.

The contest winners were:

  • First Place: Peter McCormack, for Streit Road Barn,
  • Second Place: Margie Bjorkman for McHenry High School, East Campus, and
  • Third Place: Rob Peterson for Starline Building, Harvard.

“McHenry High School, East Campus”, by second place winner Margie Bjorkman. Distinguishing this stunning architecture and ornate limestone facade against a beautiful blue sky.

In addition, the Commission received photos of the Boy Scout Cabin in Deicke Park, Huntley, the Fish Hatchery in Spring Grove and several private homes. Please view the photo contest winners attached and on the McHenry County Historic Commission website:

“Starline Building, Harvard” by third place winner Rob Peterson. Hay-handling equipment manufacturer Hunt, Helm, and Farris (later the Starline Corporation) expanded job opportunities in the community when it arrived in 1883. By April 1891 Harvard had become so populous that voters acted overwhelmingly to form a city. Harvard’s first mayor was N. B. Helm.

The McHenry County Historic Preservation Commission celebrated “Look at Local History Month” in conjunction with the National Trust for Historic Preservation and local historical societies, municipal commissions and committees.

McHenry County Historic Preservation Commission’s Chairman Nick Chirikos (left) presenting the award to the First Place winner Peter McCormack (right) at the Historic Preservation Commission’s meeting on June 6.

Historic preservation is an effective tool for managing growth, revitalizing neighborhoods, fostering local pride and maintaining community character while enhancing livability and is relevant for people of all ages, all walks of life and all ethnic backgrounds.

For more information on the photo contest, please contact Sean Foley in the Department of Planning and Development at 815-334-4560.

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Nick Chirikos is running for the McHenry County Board in District 1 as a Democrat.


McHenry County Historic Preservation Commission Announces Photo Winners — 2 Comments

  1. Nick Chirikos the biggest of the liberal right wingers.

    Had tons of political lawn signs for Obama and Bean.

    Just what the county needs another “BIG SPENDER” !!!!

  2. Dairy barns such as those pictured were used by small farmers.

    Starline manufactured equipment for small farms.

    You can probably count on two hands the number of dairy operations remaining in McHenry County. Most of the dairy barns in McHenry County are no longer being used to house cows that produce milk.

    Dairy farming, and all farming for that matter, is increasingly big business.

    Now there are huge dairy operations in Wisconsin with cows that never go to a pasture their entire milking career.

    Instead the cows are inside huge buildings, not the old fashioned dairy barn.

    Thus a lot of people and jobs used to produce a lot of milk.

    Now a few people and jobs produce a lot of milk.

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