Taco Bell Fire Call

When I took this picture about six o’clock, Route 14 was blocked by Crystal Lake Fire Department equipment.

In the “when it rains, it pours” category, is the re-opening of Route 14 west of Dole Avenue because of a downed Com Ed power line and the closing of Route 14 between Dole Avenue and Virginia Street.

So Route 14 was blocked pretty much all of rush hour Monday.

The fire was out, but a ladder still leaned against side of the Taco Bell with “Drive Thru Open” sign.

All I saw was the aftermath of the reason for the assembly of the trucks.

Fire equipment was everywhere.

People were at McCormick Park to watch the spectacle.

Spectators were standing in McCormick Park.  A policeman told them to move back to the tree line.

A Com Ed worker was repairing an electric line behind Taco Bell.

A Commonwealth Edison truck had lifted a bucket to electric lines running near trees that “Chainsaw Jack” Franks’ bill would have allowed the power company to chop down.

Meanwhile down the street at the Crystal Lake Motel, Com Ed had gotten the fallen line off the street, coming about an hour after a call was made, but Motel residents were still without power.

About two hours after Route 14 was closed for the downed electric line, the closing because of the Taco Bell fire, which looked relatively minor, it was open to traffic.

The Crystal Lake Fire Department reports that it responded at 5:25 to an activated fire alarm.

Upon arrival, the first units reported “light smoke showing and the call was upgraded for a structure fire.”

Com Ed and NICOR were called.

“The fire was extinguished when the power to the building was turned off by Com Ed,” Battalion Chief Thomas Pollnow reported.

By 7:51 the interior wall fire was under control.

Eleven other fire departments assisted.

The “Drive Thru Open” sign is lit, but you can see a ladder reflected in the window.
The restaurant will be closed for “an undermined amount of time,” the Crystal Lake Fire Department reports.

Damage is estimated at $35,000 and the restaurant will be closed an undetermined length of time.


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  1. The “Drive Thru Open” sign is lit?

    Amazing! How can that be?

    Through my investigation skills.

    I can say “it Must be battery operated”

    Since all utility service was shut off.

    That is the sunlight illuminating the sign you big dummy.

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