Sheriff Nygren Picks Rockford Firm for Department Web Site Upgrade

So much for spending tax dollars in McHenry County.

The Rockford firm KMK Media Group announced June 11th that it had re-designed the web site of the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department.

KMK Media announced it has re-designed Sheriff Keith Nygren’s web site. The firm is located in Rockford.


Sheriff Nygren Picks Rockford Firm for Department Web Site Upgrade — 5 Comments

  1. I would love to have seen the work go to McHenry County, but we can’t jump to conclusions here. If the work were significantly cheaper out of Rockford then the Sheriff’s office did their due diligence for the taxpayers.

  2. If this sheriff is doing “due diligence”(I find it hard to connect those 2 word to him in ANY WAY) it would be something very new.

    Wait for a D2 to show a contribution.

    Checking contributions to him and now to Andy is always a revealing endeavor.

    Are some contributors blessed with no bid contracts to provide services for the county???

  3. I don’t live in your town. But, have followed the corrupt-Sheriff.

    Or is that just crooked ?

    Good on the Deputy who fought the injustice.

    Can’t wait til this guy is out of office and maybe real law enforcement can commence.

    PS: We are sure a high-schooler on summer break could have made a very nice website – — for a fraction of the cost.

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