Message of the Day – Irony

Mark Daniel

In the what goes around comes around category is the lack of a quorum for the most recent meeting of the Nunda Township Republican Central Committee.

McHenry County Republican Central Committee Vice Chairman Mark Daniel is also the Chairman of the Nunda Township GOP.

Daniel is the one who took the roll when Sharon Meroni, along with 25% of the elected and appointed GOP committeemen called a special meeting on June 2nd.

You remember the one, right?

The one in which Daniel’s cell phone ring tone–the Theme from the Godfather–went off during the roll call.

(See “Tryon Meeting Boycott Strategy Works – ‘Chainsaw Jack’ Franks Gets Third Free Ride from GOP in Four Elections.”)

When I got word of the too low attendance meeting on June 6th, I emailed both Chairman Daniel and Vice Chairman Mike Shorten asking if it were true that there was a lack of a quorum.

Neither replied.

Now Mary McClellan, the Secretary of the Central Committee, has submitted minutes to its members.

Read for yourself what happened:


A meeting of the NUNDA TOWNSHIP REPUBLICAN CENTRAL COMMITTEE (“Committeemen”) was held at Prairie Isle Golf Course, Prairie Grove, IL at the hour of 7:00 p.m., pursuant to notice of all the Committeemen.

Mark Daniel, chairman was present.

Mike Shorten Vice Chairman was present.

Scott Brown treasurer was present.

Secretary McClellan took role stated that a quorum was not present and the meeting could not continue.

Motion to adjourn by Mike Shorten, seconded by Scott Brown meeting adjourned 7:49 pm


Message of the Day – Irony — 6 Comments

  1. When was the last meeting they had a quorum?

    Could it be as the Central Committee meetings no quorum in 6 years.?

    As stated by Mike Tryon at the June 2nd SPECIAL meeting.

  2. Oh yeah the Special meeting in which Mike Tryon sent letters telling everyone not to go to and then he showed up. lol McHenry County is a joke and a bad one at that.

  3. There is nothing Ironic about this: Definition: Irony: The expression of one’s meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.

    Both meetings did not have quarum therefore this is not ironic and Cal is again a yokel.

  4. Jeff Daniels is someone who has come on scenes from absolutely nowhere.

    He is hardly at all been involved in any Republican activities, but all of a sudden a desperate Mike Tryon decided to promote someone who has very little experience or political savvy.

    Tryon is only comfortable in promoting yes-men.

  5. Maybe a Democrat?

    Plenty of “Republicans” behaving as Democrats these days, all over Illinois, especially in this county, so who knows?

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