Spring Grove Refuses to Turn Over Andy Zinke’s Emailed Campaign Pitch

Here’s a post card mailed to Fox River Grove Fire Protection District President Michael Kunz at the fire station address.

On night last week, I shot off 20-30 Freedom of Information requests for emails from announced McHenry County Sheriff candidate Andy Zinke.

I’ve gotten a lot of replies.

Today I received my first rejection.

It was from the Village of Spring Grove, the town that just approved video slot machines in its taverns.

Needless to say, I appealed the denial to the Public Access Counselor of the Illinois Attorney General’s Office.

One has to wonder why a village would deny a document which is in its possession.

The folks I can see who will win here are the lawyers who answer the reasons why the denial was make.

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I have been informed by a village official that Ancel, Glink, Diamond, Bush, DiCianni and Krafthefer represent the village.

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