Walt Packard Going Away Presents Cost Taxpayers Over $300,000

Walt Packard

$354,421 to be exact.

That’s the total that McHenry County College came up with for the cost of benefits paid former MCC President Walt Packard after he was forced from his position on Feb. 26, 2009.

Included are

  • $253,838 in salary
  • $21,672 in accrued vacation pay
  • $42,377 for State University Retirement System pension payments
  • $12,000 paid into a deferred annuity
  • $41,282 in health insurance premiums
  • $252 for life insurance premiums

Some might call most of this a “golden parachute.”


Walt Packard Going Away Presents Cost Taxpayers Over $300,000 — 4 Comments

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