Grafton Township Assessor Bill Ottley Running for Re-Election, Time for Other Potential Township Candidates to Start Planning

It’s that time of year when township officials have to make up their minds whether they are running for re-election.

It’s also time for those thinking about challenging township officials to be making similar calculations.

When I last saw Grafton Township Assessor Bill Ottley if he were running for re-election, I got an affirmative reply.

Assuming Ottley decides to run in the Republican primary election, he (and others) can begin circulating petitions for the February 26th election on August 28th.

Partisan primary election petitions for township office must be filed between November 19th and 26th.

Thanksgiving is November 22nd.

Last time around Algonquin, Dorr, Grafton, McHenry and Nunda Townships held Republican primary elections. The deadline for filing a notice to the County Clerk of such a primary election is November 15th.

No township Democratic Party central committee did so.

Parties in townships of more than 15,000 people may also select their candidates in a party caucus. If a caucus is held, state statute says it must be December 4th.

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