McHenry County Tea Party Activists Featured in Sun-Times Photo

Mary Alger and Tonya Franklin in Downtown Chicago on April 15th.

Accompanying a Tuesday Chicago Sun-Times column by Chris Mooney entitled “Conservatives are happier,” is a photo featuring Mary Alger and Tonya Franklin.

Folks will remember Alger as head of the Crystal Lake Tea Party and a former candidate for the McHenry County Board in District 3.

Franklin is the woman who stepped forward to challenge Democratic Party candidate Jack Franks.

This is the enthusiasm that could have attracted Tea Party volunteers from around the area–including Wisconsin–had the McHenry County Republican Party been willing to give Franklin a chance to get on the ballot.

The irony seems heavy that Republican County Chairman Mike Tryon has not taken Franklin up on her offer to become an appointed GOP Precinct Committeeman with so, so many precincts having no representative of the Republican Party


McHenry County Tea Party Activists Featured in Sun-Times Photo — 9 Comments

  1. Yes we do have husbands…..would you care to thank them for your freedom?
    Seriously how can you live with your own ugly heart?

  2. Hey Cal….the Republican Party actually offered to appoint me according to Mark Daniels.

    They have never honored the offer.

    No surprise.

  3. Hopefully, Tonya Franklin will step forward later this year & run for township board & get experience running a campaign & governing

  4. Storm: I don’t think winning an election is a prerequisite for running for another office.

    That means nothing.

    See Township, Grafton.

  5. The picture just goes to show, Tea Parties for for little girls.

  6. Thank goodness for ” little girls “.

    It’s the little girls who take the lead and direct the little boys…

    GO ladies GO…………

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