McHenry to Become More of a Gambling Town

Alderman Andy Glab

Not just an off-track betting parlor.

Slot machines all over town.

That’s what the 5-1-1 vote last night in favor of allowing five slot machines in every bar and restaurant that wants them.

Andy Glab was the only alderman voting against the proposal.

Victor Santi abstained, surprising a friend of McHenry County Blog in attendance.

Let me share the observer’s reaction at the abstention and the approval vote by the others:

“Santi abstained after voicing an opinion which seemed to indicate that he felt MORE public input was needed in a forum setting …. Then his abstention totally floored me.

“ONE off-track betting location is manageable in terms of the negative influences, BUT the potential of 200 video gaming machines in 40 different establishments with liquor licenses pursuant to revenue generation (marshaled & regulated by SPRINGFIELD …) causes me to recoil with many concerns …

“Learning that Crystal Lake & Woodstock have essentially said ‘no’ leaves me wondering out loud …. Where’s McHenry going ?? …. ALSO, two reps from the VFW and American Legion spoke in solid support of the idea … puzzling for me …”

The others voted in favor.

It’ll be pretty much just like the old days, except the Mob won’t be taking a cut.

Replacing the private sector will be the public sector.

Guys won’t be on the top floor of the hotel next to the Fox River bridge watching for lawmen.

And weekly pay-offs will not be going to the two local judges who got them in the 1950’s.

Instead, state and local government will get a cut, as will those who provide the slot machines.

There won’t be raids by the Sheriff’s Department as occurred in Algonquin when I was in college in the early 1960’s.  I remember reading the slot machines were full when seized, but empty when destroyed.

No accounting for the missing money.

At least local officials won’t be getting a cut personally.



McHenry to Become More of a Gambling Town — 5 Comments

  1. A “gambling town”, that’s just nonsense.

    Seems as though the anti’s don’t know that anyone can go on-line and gamble as much as they want on anything they want.

    While CL and Woodstock don’t allow much of anything, McHenry has better shopping, better restaurants, and better roads.

    All McHenry needs is a pawn shop.

    Thank you Mayor Low and aldermen.

  2. How about the lower taxes in McHenry!

    AND wasn’t McHenry the only major city in McHenry County that did not raise its tax levy last year?

    One only needs to look at the empty stores in Woodstock and Crystal Lake to know whats going on.

    Johnsburg and McHenry are booming.

  3. Best repeal the “Non Smoking” laws while you’re at it folks.

    Might as well go all in…. Drinking, Smoking, Gambling, sounds like “Freedom” has arrived for those of legal age to choose!

    “Let the Children Play!!”

    The good ole days are back!!!

    Girls, burn them bra’s while you’re at it will ya??

  4. HUGE mistake!

    Why not put a big vacuum cleaner at the edge of town and just suck the money out of people’s pockets?

    Or an I-Pass toll collector and snatch the money when the car goes by.

    Putting the machines only in liquor establishment?

    Do gamblers make better decisions after a bunch of drinks?

    Thanks to Andy Glab for his vote.

    He voted the right way.

    Too bad the others didn’t.

    Why didn’t Victor Santi vote “No”?

    Abstaining is not the same as recusing himself.

  5. Gus is out of touch with reality, we can all do what we want.

    Lucky for McHenry and its ordinary folks. they can stay at home and reap the benefit of those that want to throw thei money away.

    I stop at a few of the liquourpouring estabishments every week, but I don’t think I will lose my life becaue a few slot machines are around.

    Gus must be pretty weak.

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