Zinke Does Show Three Large Contributions

Three of them, aparently

They had been reported when I did my story about his minimalist campaign disclosure, but I missed them because they were filed separately in the July-September reporting period.

These three contributions of over $1,000 were reported on July 8th. One would assume they were attributable to the June 30th fund raiser at Donley’s.  The threshold for electronic filing is $10,000 in a quarter.

The biggest was from Donley’s Banquets and Wild West Town.  It was for $5,657, presumably an in-kind contribution, even though that’s not the way it was reported.  Randy Donley is retiring from the McHenry County Board this year.

The number seemed high, so I called Donley.  He explained that the Zinke campaign paid “the raw cost of the food” and that the number reported included the profit that his banquet hall would have made had the full cost been charged, plus $15 a person for those who toured the Wild West Town.

Alliance Contractors, owned by Chuck Ruth, donated $1,200, as did John Cederlund.    Cederlund’s address was announced as the original location of the fundraiser.

For contributions under $1,000, folks will have to wait for the next quarterly report, which is due in mid-October.

Of additional interest to some will be that the campaign disclosure report was faxed from the Home State Bank, as you can see below:

The top line of this campaign disclosure report indicates it was faxed from the Home State Bank.


Zinke Does Show Three Large Contributions — 9 Comments

  1. What happened to electronic filing after $3000.00 in revenue or expenditure.

  2. I find it very creepy that this guy is pushing so hard.

    He is trying to tie everything up a year early.

    Cannot even get signatures for another year.

    Folks, do not commit. What if we get a GOOD CANDIDATE and can get out from under the Nygren dictatorship (which would be good for EVERYONE)?

  3. I seem to hear an awful lot of “coulda, shoulda, wouldas” about this.

    Does ANYONE have a better someone whom would be a better idea for y’all for this position?

    Since the Republicans can’t even find enough of it’s own committeemen to have a meeting (what an embarassment), I doubt they’d have another candidate.


  4. Sure, I can tell you a better guy to run the sheriff’s department.


    Before you throw the experience card at me, I’ve got a retired Illinois State Trooper with command experience who is chomping at the bit to be Undersheriff.

    Someone from out of McHenry County who is not beholden to anyone.

    That person brings the experience along with integrity, honesty, transparency, and a desire to do right by the voters, taxpayers and residents of McHenry County.

    We will clean house.

    Honest employees are welcome to stay.

    The less-than-honest ones will leave quickly, before they get the ax.

    No more cheating on reports; no more racial profiling; and no more free meals and free coffee.

    Any deputy caught accepting a free meal or beverage will get 31 days off and a visit with the Merit Commission to make it a public record.

    Any deputy caught DUI is out the door.

    And no deputy better get caught flashing his badge if he gets stopped for a traffic violation.

    And legal work will come back in-house.

    The State’s Attorney will once more be the Sheriff’s attorney.

  5. Paul, from what I hear, you may get your wish.

    I do not believe that he is going to sit on the sidelines.

    I expect the man to be very active in the 2014 election process.

  6. Gus, I await your running. Then we can see how many others agree with your position and opinions. Good Luck

  7. Tom Sanders would be an awesome Sheriff and he would clean out the dead wood while being a fair, reasonable, and thoughtful Republican.

    Tom Sanders is a great man and would be my first choice for Sheriff.

  8. Tom Sanders? Isn’t he the guy who was linked to that shady telemarketing scheme about the bullet proof vests?

    If he is thinking about running it’s time to start doing some research about that shady group.

    It may or may not have been illegal but the hundred’s thousand Sanders and States Attorney insider Ron Salgado have stashed away in their “Charity” just doesn’t seem to pass the smell test.

    That money was named in the name of “MCHENRY COUNTY SHERIFFS POLICE” yet Deputies of that department are not allowed to join or benefit from the money raised with their departments name.


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