How Not to Keep Drugs Out of Prison

Take a look at this short Thursday article from the Chicago Sun-Times:

Probation for bringing drugs into prison.

When I was on the Illinois House Prison Reform Committee, I asked every warden why he couldn’t keep drugs out of his prison.

“My constituents don’t understand why you can’t keep drugs out of a prison where you control all the access,” I would point out.

I never got a good answer.

And now, a Cook County Judge has given probation to a Cook County Jail guard for trying to smuggle marijuana into the complex.

With no jail time, you can probably figure out why the reward might outweigh the penalty for prison guards.


How Not to Keep Drugs Out of Prison — 1 Comment

  1. Absolutely sickening. Now ask yourself the question, why wouldn’t a judge put Crawford in prison. Hello??? Like, Judge, send a message.

    But I’ll bet we don’t have to go farther than 2200 N. Seminary Ave.,, Woodstock, to wonder about drugs getting to inmates. If jailers were free to blow the whistle without retribution and retaliation, if their complaints were heard and investigated, maybe some of the flow of drugs INTO the McHenry County Jail would stop.

    I say, random drug testing for jailers and inmates, and for all deputies, including supervisors and commanders, at MCSD. Sixty days off without pay for the first Postive test; termination for the second.

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