Another Mailing on Medicaid Fraud from Peter Roskam

When I opened my mailbox Saturday, what did appear but another big postcard from the man who wants to be my future Congressman, Peter Roskam.

You can see it below:

The address side of Peter Roskam’s new Medicaid fraud mailing has a very dark look.

The back side is more friendly looking, maybe a three generation photo of grandad, daughter and grandson.


Another Mailing on Medicaid Fraud from Peter Roskam — 4 Comments

  1. House Republicans haven’t cut one penny of spending, in fact everything has increased.

  2. Peter, how about Trial Lawyers sucking the blood out of health care, doctors, and businesses?

  3. Republicans always cut funding to fight medicare fraud.

    Even though they increased it in their budget they are not aiming it at the most fraudulant areas.

    Are they going to targe fees for services area and pass mandates like no child left behind then pull funding.

  4. Sharon……if you think Democrats control spending, you are ill.

    The Republicans, when they are bad Republicans, are bad BECAUSE they are behaving like Democrats, who compulsively spend like drunken sailors in the name of “compassion”.

    Republicans CAN be as bad as Democrats, you are right. The reverse, unfortunately, is almost never true.

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