Mixing Democrat Jack Franks among the Republicans at McHenry’s Fiesta Days Parade

McHenry Fiesta Days Grand Marshall Dan Conway waves our way. His wife Janet is at his side.

Regular readers will know that I go to parades to read political tea leaves.

Plum Garden restauranteur Perry Moy (on the right) hosted a reception in hone of McHenry County Board member Nick Provenzano and Congressman Randy Hultgren for Republicans prior to the parade.

Perhaps the biggest insight was that Democrat Jack Franks was in the middle of the Republican floats.

Lined up right after the McHenry County Republican Central Committee float was Jack Franks’ Cadillac convertible.  The GOP float says, “[Will You  Remember in November?”

Whether deliberate or not, it surely sent a mixed message to those along the parade route.

Here are some of the Republicans who were gathered in front of Plum Garden ready to walk in the Fiesta Days Parade.

Especially since the McHenry County Republican Party refused to field an opponent to the reliable vote for House Speaker Mike Madigan’s continued one-man rule of Illinois.

Carrying the McHenry County sign that he snagged from the 2012 State Republican Party Convention, Andrew Gasser chats with State Rep. candidate Barbara Wheeler before the parade.

I wasn’t the only one to make note of the parade order.

Here are some of those who took advantage of Perry Moy’s hospitality at Plum Garden.

Fox River Grove Republican Precinct Committeeman Andrew Gasser wrote an article touching on that, plus the co-option of Republican activists by Franks.

Tired of people saying they didn’t see her in the parade, State Senator Pam Althoff put the message, “It’s me, Pam,” on the back of her blouse.

There were lots of candidates at the reception besides Provenzano.

I saw Joe Gottemoller, Mary McClelland, Sue Draffkorn, all of whom seek to represent part of the McHenry area on the County Board.

Former GOP State Rep. primary candidate in the 52nd District Danielle Rowe was also present.

Algonquin Township Republican Precinct Committeeman Jake Justen wore the first Romney for President shirt I have seen.


The McHenry County Romney Chairman John McCrory poses with one of four Romney yard signs in McHenry County. Looks as if people who want one will have to buy them once the local GOP campaign office opens.

And, miracles of miracles, there were two Romney for President signs.

McHenry Mayor Sue Low rode in a convertible with Treasurer Steve Murgartoyd.

The parade was off.

Alderman Victor Santi walked behind his convertible.

Municipal officials came first.

Ward 2 Alderman Andy Glab, the only one to vote against slot machines in McHenry, was next.

The McHenry Aldermen kept coming in numerical order.

Ware 3 Alderman Jeffrey Schaefer also walked.

The next Alderman rode in a red pick-up truck.

Ward 4 Alderman Geoff Blake waved from the passenger side of his truck.

A convertible carrying the only Alderwoman was next.

Ward 7 Alderwoman Geri Condon followed Mayor Sue Low’s example and rode in the back of a convertible.

Congressman Randy Hultgren, who won all of McHenry County, but Algonquin Township, in Michael Madigan’s redistricted map, led off the Republican contingent with Provenzano.

And, then my camera froze, so I missed the other Republicans.

State Rep. Jack Franks stayed on the far side of his Cadillac convertible as he passed where I was taking photos.

But it started working again as State Rep. Jack Franks worked the crowd on the other side of the street.

If there were any indication that Franks was running on the Democratic Party ticket and would vote to re-elect House Speaker Mike Madigan once he wins his uncontested race, I didn’t see.

I got a couple of photos of McHenry County Board member Sandy Salgado’s entry, but I can’t find a photo of her.

More Republicans were behind Franks.

My camera was acting up again as McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi walked by. He was kind enough to give me several chances to get his picture.

A Sheriff’s Department vehicle came next.

The only Sheriff’s vehicle in McHenry ‘s 2012 Fiesta Days Parade didn’t bear Keith Nygren’s name. But it did have a specially made sign announcing that Andrew Zinke was Undersheriff.

Just one.

Not like the last Fiesta Days Parade I attended in 2010 when Sheriff Keith Nygren was being challenge by Democrat Mike Mahon. Take a look at the motorcycles, snowmobile, convertible, crime prevention trailer, perhaps being pulled by the vehicle above, but without Undersheriff Andrew Zinke’s name on its side.

But who was driving the vehicle?

It was the Undersheiff himself at the wheel. No overtime for this salaried employee, one would guess. But pretty lonely, since no one accompanied Andy Zinke.

Next was Mary Mahady, apparently running for McHenry Township Assessor.

Mary Mahady touts “New Beginnings” in the sign on the side of her convertible.

Next spring township elections will be held throughout McHenry County, so this was the last time to increase one’s name identification in a Fiesta Days Parade.  Johnsburg has one in October, where there will probably be more township candidates.

Present only in a spectator role was former District 6 GOP Primary candidate and Precinct Committeeman from the Greenwood Township side of Wonder Lake.

Seemingly out of place at the parade was former McHenry County Board candidate Rachel Smith from the western side of Wonder Lake. She was watching the parade before a cancer fund raiser for her aunt, whose last name is Jones.


Mixing Democrat Jack Franks among the Republicans at McHenry’s Fiesta Days Parade — 16 Comments

  1. Nick looks like a rat that took the cheese with that smile. Get rid of Nick.P

  2. Were you at the same parade I was?

    Pretty sure that the McHenry Chamber of Commerce NOT Jack Franks determines where he is in the parade…

    The Chamber did organize McHenry Fiesta Days did they not?

    So I guess your tea leaves are non-existent.

  3. Just a convenient luck of the draw then.

    I would suggest that perception is pretty much everything in politics.

  4. These new district numbers have me confused. Thanks for the correction.

    Of course if Rowe had run in the 63rd, Franks would have an opponent.

  5. Andy Zinke – another HUG ego like Nygren.

    Chief of Police McHenry car, did not have his name on it.

    Fire chiefs, commanders in any other departments do not have their names on the cars.

    ndy was using this as a POLITICAL tool for his candidacy.

    Write this guy off.

  6. So the Undersheriff has picked up Nygren’s campaign star and is in full swing using our tax money to get himself political name recognition.

    Bianchi may be a friend of yours Cal and he may be a heck of a politician but he has failed miserably as a crime fighter.

    I have lost faith in just about all of our county’s crime fighters.

    An accused pedophile gets check after check to keep quite and on the county payroll.

    The Sheriff and Undersheriff blatantly lie to the media about why they can’t fire the guy.

    An ex-narcotics cop is allegedly stealing drugs and money and this gets sealed from the public.

    This same ex-cop has significant ties to the Sheriff’s department.

    A deputy testifies in a Federal deposition that the Sheriff is in the corruption business and instead of investigating the situation our crime fighters fire the deputy.

    Two front page Tribune article specifically point to McHenry county when it comes to civil rights problems yet I have heard nothing about officers being investigated or disciplined.

    Last election season Nygren and Graham openly shared campaign materials in parades.

    This is the same judge that thought a special prosecutor was needed to go after Bianchi.

    Convenient, seeing as it is well known that Nygren and Bianchi had a falling out, perhaps over some other dirty little secrets.

    Two elderly people filed a lawsuit against the Sheriff for what appears to be a pretty violent abuse of police powers and authority and the county settles in secret so that the facts of the matter can never be made public.

    Has anyone had to answer the expenses charged to the taxpayer? Probably not.

    It’s all pretty disgusting really. We deserve better, don’t we?

  7. Smiley is right on.

    Judge Graham is an absolute idiot….complicit in the abuse of power exercised by Nygren.

    Graham is a stooge and everyone in local politics knows of this.

    Nygren is the thug who runs things and the political ineptness of the other local leaders allows his political assaults to occur.

    Will someone be a statesman and step up and call out Nygren, Graham, and the other thugs instead of all socializing at stupid events pretending all is ok in loserville?

  8. The position in the parade is generally filled by following the protocol of having elected officials grouped together based on their ranking. Congressman Walsh (and Congresswoman Bean in past years) was always ahead of Senator Althoff, who is always ahead of Rep. Franks. Federal, State, County.

    It has been the SAME ranking for the ten years I know of. No conspiracy here.
    This year it was Congressman Hultgren- who is not the current Congressman- but is running. So- clearly he is Campaigning, right?

    Rep. Franks is an elected official- regardless of the party.

    ooks like he was in the same place he has been for the last decade.


    KARMA IS A…………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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