Armed Robbery at Route 14 Farm Produce Stand

A press release from the Crystal Lake Police Department:

“On Thursday, August 2nd, 2012 at approximately 4:14 p.m., Crystal Lake Police were dispatched to a report of an Armed Robbery which occurred at the Cody’s Farm Fresh Stand, located on the property of 140 South Virginia Street, Crystal Lake.

“Upon arrival Officers met with the victim, a 20 year old employee of Cody’s.

“The victim advised he was approached by an unknown female/white subject.

“The female displayed a knife and implied the imminent use of force.

“The victim then provided the suspect with an undisclosed amount of United States Currency.

“The suspect who was described as a white female, approximately 5’9”, 170-180 lbs., wearing an orange jersey fled the area on foot.

“A person of interest is being questioned, and criminal charges are expected to follow.

“Crystal Lake Police continue to investigate this matter and are confident no related public threat remains at this time.”.


Armed Robbery at Route 14 Farm Produce Stand — 12 Comments

  1. Crystal Lake Police Department is unfortunately incompetent and lazy. This has been the case since Nygren.

    Though many officers are hard working and dedicated in the force, the leadership at the CLPD is absolutely terrible and the morale is in the toilet.

    Though Lowery is thankfully gone, Chief Linder still is painfully in charge and the CLPD will suffer until this thug is gone.

  2. Just last week I picked up some delicious sweet corn at this stand; a young woman waited on me. there was another small stand further back on the lot.

    When I read about the robbery, I began to think how unsafe Crystal Lake has become.

    I buy my gas in Crystal Lake on Rte,. 14 and regularly see groups of kids come in from the adjoining “neighborhood”, who look like they’re in late teens early 20s regularly walking across the islands, into the cashier’s building, using the bathrooms and rarely a purchase.

    They’re very bold, and almost dare you to look at them.

    At this same station, I see a Crystal Lake Police car and wonder why he couldn’t do something about this “loitering”, or are we just to be at the mercy of punks?

  3. Concealed carry in IL would sure be helpful, if not necessary, unfortunately.

  4. Kids from the “Neighborhood” coming into the gas station to use the restroom?

    They dare you to look at them?

    Truly, this situation is out of control and can ONLY be solved with many many many more guns.

    LOTS more guns.

    Those “neighborhood” kids wouldn’t be going around using gas station restrooms willy-nilly, THAT’S for sure!


  5. Showing my age – I remember chief Johns as being a good Crystal Lake chief.

    All we are getting are Nygren re-runs trained by him.

  6. Chief Linder has major issues. CMP is right on target.

    Mayor Shepley has to do something about his out-of-control police department.

    Councilman Thorsen, where are you? Don’t you realize how out-of-control City Hall has become? Perhaps going door to door for Beaubien.

    Is Chili’s leaving now after their experience with police abuse? How about Chick Fil-A ?…..wait until the police close them down for some contrived problem.

  7. Skeptic you are a Knuckle head where are your facts?

    When you accuse me I can handle it but when you attack Dave you better have your bullets or you are just a piece of pure distraction.


  8. By the way Skeptic…serving Alcohol to minors is kind of a big deal with us … just sayin..

  9. Yeah anon, let’s just round those unemployed youth meandering about the public thoroughfares and toss them in the clink until they wisen up!!!

    Constitution be damned-we should blow the dust off all the pre 1950s laws that serve to criminalize, obscure and obstruct anything we find remotely distasteful.

    I guess the poor economy and long hot summer months have little affect on why these teen-20 somethings are hanging out at the glamorous and hopping gas stations.

    Perhaps CLPD is aware of civil rights and understands that, just because you, personally, feel uncomfortable-that fails to amount to probable cause of a criminal law violation.

    BTW, loitering (Chicago v. Morales, 527 U.S. 41 (1999)) charges are not really a viable option, unless you want to jack up your property taxes to pay for all the 42 USC 1983 violations CLPD would lose.

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