Linda Moore’s Attorney Replies to Jack Freund’s Attorney

Linda Moore and Jack Freund at a Grafton Township Meeting.

Yesterday I got a copy of a letter sent by attorney John Boyd on behalf of Grafton Township Road Commissioner Jack Freund. I published it here.

Below is the reply sent by Township Supervisor Linda Moore’s attorney Timothy J. Hoppa before last night’s meeting:

Timothy J. Hoppa | Ottosen Britz Kelly Cooper Gilbert & DiNolfo, Ltd.

1804 North Naper Boulevard, Suite 350
Naperville, Illinois 60563

Mr. John Boyd
Zanck, Coen, Wright & Saladin, PC
40 Brink Street
Crystal Lake, Illinois 60014

RE: Correspondence dated August 2, 2012

Dear Mr. Boyd:

I am in receipt of your correspondence dated August 2, 2012.

When you mention an “improper and inappropriate” meeting, I assume you refer to the mediation session that Linda Moore set up, at no cost, for the purpose of resolving the pending litigation between her and various other elected officials.

It seems inconceivable that any attorney and litigator would refer to mediation as “inappropriate” or “improper.”

Your letter demonstrates to us once again that your client has only political complaints against Linda Moore, and has no real desire to resolve anything.

The history of this case, beginning with the steadfast refusal to answer or issue discovery, and ending with your client attending a pre-trial at which he could not even begin to identify that which he claims as damages is sufficient proof that this case has nothing to do with the merits, and instead has everything to do with politics. We desire resolution of this matter.

At this point, we have attempted to use the litigation process and have attempted settlement short litigation by means of pre-trial. Your client has refused to participate in good-faith in either.

If you truly “welcome the opportunity” to resolve or even discuss matters, I recommend your client attend this evening’s meeting.



Timothy J. Hoppa


Linda Moore’s Attorney Replies to Jack Freund’s Attorney — 1 Comment

  1. Who’s right in this foolishness… depends on whose side you’re on.

    Who’s wrong in this foolishness… depends on whose side you’re on.

    Who loses in this foolishness… the taxpayers on both sides!

    Quit wasting our money!

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