Crystal Lake Chick-fil-A Grand Opening Ceremony Beats the Rain

After the ribbon cutting, Chick-fil-A’s Grand Opening script has the “First Bite” ceremony. You see franchisee Ben Moore in the white shirt in the center.  From left to right, Gary Reece is hidden by Pam Moore, Ben’s mother.  His mother-in-law Shirley Sherman is next. Standing next to Ben is his wife Laura and the three redheaded girls are theirs.  Behind Mrs. Moore is James Richter, whom Councilman Ralph Dawson, to his left, told me is Crystal Lake’s man on the street working with new businesses. I didn’t catch the Cow’s name.

No demonstrators.

The traditional ribbon cutting ceremony occurred after the speeches.  From left to right, the adults are Pam Moore, Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Gary Reece, Shirley Sherman, Chick-fil-A’s Ryan Holmes, owner Ben Moore, Laura Moore, Crystal Lake business assister James Richter, Crystal Lake City Councilman Ralph Dawson.  The three little redheads are the Moore children.

No lines.

Ben Moore and his wife Laura mix with the Opening Day customers.

A typical opening day, according to the Atlanta corporate folks.

Almost forty folks from corporate Chick-fil-A assisted in the Grand Opening.

6 AM was much too early for me to see the providing of the food coupons to the tent city folks that gathered the day before the Grand Opening for the First 100 Promotion.

The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony beat the steady rain that started about an hour later.

I learned that the 52 coupons given to each of the first one hundred people in line and on the property for twenty-four house before the restaurant opens are worth about $350.

Crystal Lake Police were on hand just in case they might be needed.

A lot were local according to Tiffany Greenway, one of the corporate public relations people in Crystal Lake.

The noon crowd on a rainy opening day at Crystal Lake Chick-fil-A.

Ben Moore explains how his family got to Crystal Lake.

It occurs to me that this is something like the Biblical gleaning concept.

In his speech to the Grand Opening gathering, entrepreneur Ben Moore, a Sycamore resident when he was awarded the Crystal Lake franchise, originally thought the 50 minute drive would be acceptable.

But, “My goal is to be part of the community.

Ben Moore’s family listens to her father’s welcoming talk.

“We prayed a lot about it,” he said.

Ben Moore talks to young customer.

“The Saturday before I went for training, a guy walked up to our house and said, ‘Can I buy your house?’

“Yes, you can,” was the reply.

The family has bought a farm north of Crystal Lake.

Moore said the process of opening the restaurant took three and a half years.

Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Gary Reece praise the City management.

“They have now turned the tide and are very welcoming to business,” he said before echoing the “Eat more chicken” slogan of the firm.

Later, Moore affirmed, “Crystal Lake has been great.”

No politicians running for office attended the Grand Opening, but later in the day County Board member Diane Evertsen, who lives northwest of Woodstock, and perhaps others enjoyed a chicken sandwich.

The restaurant is open 6-10, except Sunday, when it is closed.

Just got a call from a friend:

“I’m at Chick-fil-A and I can’t get in the parking lot.

“Cops everywhere.

“Can’t get into drive-though because it’s too long.

“People are parking at Menard’s walking over to get their food and coming back.”


Crystal Lake Chick-fil-A Grand Opening Ceremony Beats the Rain — 11 Comments

  1. We went at 11:45 and couldn’t get near the place.

    Had to go to Portillo’s. (When we do eat lunch out, the timing is critical.)

    Guess I’ll have to wait to find out what Chick-Fil-A tastes like. (Probably tastes like chicken.)

  2. Lunch was a zoo!

    It was crazy.

    I had to park at Menards.

    But is was so worth it…

    Definitely bigger than I expected.

    Andrew Gasser

  3. When will police finally realize that it is NEVER the conservative movements that need the police.

    It is always when liberals congregate that problems with the law develop.

    This isn’t sometimes, this is all the time.

  4. Nice story!

    Great to see people with smiles on their faces during difficult times!

    Thanks Cal for sharing this nice community event.

    Thanks Chick Fil A!

  5. I was able to get through the line at the drive-thru at 11:30am in less than 20 mins, I would have willingly waited longer!

    When I went back for dinner to meet up with my family we got through the line at 6:30pm quite fast.

    The food was delicious and of course always the best Iced Tea.

    It was so nice to see smiling faces on workers who should have been exhausted by that point.

    Proud supporter of Chick-Fil-A and I can’t wait to go again tomorrow while I am out running errands.

  6. Skeptic says:”When will police finally realize that it is NEVER the conservative movements that need the police.”

    aaahhaahhhahhhah, no wait, aahhhahhhahhhahha. can’t breathe … that was a good one skeptic.

    There has never been a conservative terrorist, except Timothy McVeigh, and the KKK, and Al Quaida ..and the list is really super long…

    Oh, I forgot, you conservatives don’t know what conservative means …sry.

  7. The salads are fresh, big and delicious!

    I am a sucker for the carrot and raisin salad.

    It was great to see numerous friends there!

  8. Note to self …Put the list of all the anti-abortion clinic killers here.

  9. And actually you may be right skeptic, the conservative terrorists don’t need the police, because very often they are the police.

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