Supervisor Linda Moore Accepts Mediation with Grafton Township Road Commissioner Jack Freund

Jack Freund

Linda Moore

That’s what this email to volunteer mediator Robert Hanlon from Thomas Hoppa, the attorney for Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore in Road Commissioner Jack Freund’s suit against her.


As I am sure you’re aware, my firm represents Linda Moore in the pending litigation known as Freund v. Moore in McHenry County.

I understand that you have offered your services as mediator in this matter.

Obviously, Ms. Moore welcomes the opportunity to resolve this matter short of trial.

Please consider your offer accept by Ms. Moore.

If I may suggest, the matter is set for status on August 31.

Considering that Mr. Freund and his attorneys will already be present for this court appearance, we could easily utilize that day for mediation.

This would give Mr. Freund ample time to put together a mediation statement and to tender to me documents ordered by the court.

Timothy J. Hoppa
Ottosen Britz Kelly Cooper Gilbert & DiNolfo, Ltd.


Supervisor Linda Moore Accepts Mediation with Grafton Township Road Commissioner Jack Freund — 13 Comments

  1. Just another political ploy… another attempt to rebrand by Ms. Moore.

    If she had done the job she was elected to do, the township wouldn’t be in this hole she dug for us.

  2. The stupid antics by the trustees is what cost the township money.

    They dug the hole and want to blame Linda Moore.

    Shame on the trustees.

  3. Truth Seeker – Can you “seek the truth” and find out why Linda Moore is IGNORING Judge Caldwell’s order to pay the Forensicon bill?

    That bill is STILL UNPAID by who you deem blameless, Linda Moore.

    Linda has dug her own hole . . . if you actually sought the truth and did some digging yourself . . . oh, f-me.

    The evident truths fall on deaf ears and blind eyes.

    Linda is the savior of Grafton township.

    Linda is the best steward my tax dollars have ever had.

    Linda is kind to everyone.

    Linda works well with others.

    Linda is loved by all of her relatives.

    All of the lawsuits that have Linda Moore attached to them are fictitious.

  4. Yo – I sought the truth. It was in the court documents.

    The trustees wanted someone else elected to Supervisor And they wanted taxpayers to pay millions for a major township building that was not needed.

    Supervisor Moore and some other locals got in the way of that plan.

    Townships are known to not like it when their decisions are questioned.

    Did I mention hiring of relatives and being in office for decades sometimes?

    Did I mention the trustees hiring of a political friend to essentially take over the Supervisor’s office and duties?

    Seems to me the Judge really did not like that and the person had to vacate that job.

    The trustees did not get their way with that move.

    Now, who would you guess is still crabbing about things not being done the old way?

    It was so quiet then and the public really did not hear much about township business (including the grand plans for an expensive new buildibg)

  5. You say you found your truth in the court documents.

    You need to read a little more as Judge Caldwell’s ruling was overturned by the appeals court.

    Don’t use the silly reasoning “the trustee’s didn’t get a new building and now they won’t work with Linda.”

    It’s tired, old and untrue.

    Current Trustee Gerry McH. ran WITH Linda on the SAME platform as Linda Gerry quickly saw Linda for what she is and distanced himself from her. (Kinda of like what Halat, Ziller and the Grafton Township Republican Party are doing right now – distancing themselves from Linda Moore).

    You failed to offer an opinion on why you feel Linda is correct in ignoring Judge Caldwell’s order to pay the Foresicon bill.

  6. The township trustees are corrupt.

    he township trustees are ruthless.

    The township trustees are the problem.

    The township trustees lack professionalism.

    The township trustees are troublemakers.

  7. They all need to go, all the trustees and Linda Moore.

    The collective behavior is unacceptable.

    Time to move on with new representation for the tax payers.

  8. Gee, Love Linda, the only one who could be delusional enough to think all those things would be Linda herself…

    On another website, Linda was caught using multiple logins to post supporting info about herself… I wonder how many logins Linda has on THIS site?

  9. Grafton residents are being “robo called” tonight with questions about Township Assessor William Ottley.

    Those called don’t have the option to answer “favorably.”

    What’s up with that?

  10. My opinion is that 2 of the trustees can’t stand having a woman in a higher position then them and are doing everything in their power to get rid of her.

    Just stop by at one of the meetings and see for yourself!

    By the way, I do not think that Linda is all that great either.

  11. I agree that Moore gets the share blame in this entire Grafton fiasco.

    She has not always behaved appropriately.

    She needs to go!!!

  12. To ensure a balanced report on this point. I have forwarded the contents of the referenced e-mail to Mr. Freund’s counsel via telephonic communication and I did not forward the referenced e-mail to this blog.

    When and If Mr. Fruend’s counsel, Mr. Pat Coen, wishes to explore the mediation, I’m sure he will let me know; and I don’t think it will take all that long.

    Unfortunately, the comments above do not help the situation.

    Perhaps the readership of this blog can constructively advance potential solutions as opposed to casting aspersions on the respective parties involved.

    McHenry County Blog reports that an acceptance was made as to a single party.

    This is accurately reported.

    However, in fairness to the Road Commissioner and his counsel he needs a reasonable amount of time to respond to my offer.

    This is because the text of my written offer was specific to the Trustees and the Supervisor.

    That offer was recently expanded orally and was expanded to include the Road Commissioner.

    I remain hopeful that the respective supporters of each side will tone down the rhetoric so that the parties may work towards a solution which will not squander the resources of the township.

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