Huntley School District Board & Teachers Join District 300 in Asking for a Mediator

A press release from Huntley School District 158 and its teachers’ union:

A Joint Press Release from the Board of Education of Consolidated School District 158 and the Huntley Education Association

Teachers will be on the job at Heineman Middle and other District 158 Schools even though they do not have a new contract.

ALGONQUIN, IL – The District 158 administration and the Huntley Education Association (HEA) negotiation team have met regularly throughout the summer for the purpose of working toward a contract agreement with the HEA.

The parties, including representatives of the Board of Education, last met on Thursday, August 9, 2012.

At the end of this meeting, both sides have agreed that our next best step is to work through a mediator.

Although D158 teachers will be starting the year without a new contract, all parties remain committed to seeing this through without affecting the school year or students.


Huntley School District Board & Teachers Join District 300 in Asking for a Mediator — 3 Comments

  1. Looks like there is a trend forming. (Predictable.)

    Unions yank the chains of administrators and boards for extended periods of “negotiating” time and then finally agree to talk about actual money. Where have I heard that before? Oh, right, the Truth Fairies.

    Unions, read my lips, enough with the pension hit on taxpayers. Pay your own in a 401K out of your salary that has NOT been elevated by boards so it just looks like taxpayers aren’t footing the bill.

    Raises should NOT be mandatory hikes each year AND especially not in an economic desert.

    No you shouldn’t get extra money just because you are retiring. You should be happy you have jobs at all let alone insurance and other benefits.

    Eventually all the mommies and daddies pushing for you to get everything you want (having been brainwashed by their personal relationships with teachers and counselors, etc.) will become angry and/or move. Guilt trips and strikes holding kids and parents hostage are a poor example of teaching our kids to be realistic.

    Technology should be making the cost of education less expensive – not bloating it.

    Liking individuals has nothing to do with the BUSINESS of Education.

    The public was willing to be reasonable before this all got so out of hand and they found out the truth behind the debt. Not any more.

  2. So looking at this 1 reply above, I suspect that school passed them by long ago…so the real impact for education ( yes kids are smart and aware of meaning to your tone) is based on the outside employees ( joe public) not wanting to fund an appropiate school district for educating the kids correct????

    The one question I keep asking these type folks ( and yes I am married to an educator who is much more civil than I as a tax payer) why in the world if it is such an overpaid/bloated salary, easy, non impactful to help society, future improving profession then why the heck don’t you do it??????…

    oh yeah I remember your the parent that wants th kid out of the house as soon as possible when summer ends…get some morals!!!

  3. The board wants to ELIMINATE pay raises for all teachers, except for a limited increase when additional continuing education courses are taken.

    As a resident of Huntley who is not a part of District 158, I could not agree with the Board of Education on this one.

    When I ask myself if I would work at a job with no pay raises, I unequivocally answer “no” each time.

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