McHenry County Sheriff’s Summer Asset Forfeitures — 6 Comments

  1. I can’t believe: It’s not a “Revenue Source”.

    Asset forfiture is a result of departments, in this case LITH, doing their jobs.

    You can only seize assets if they were used in the commission of a felony.

    State statutes on this are very clear.

    So the money you see, $48,913, that was seized was done so most likely through arrests during drug seizures.

    In other words they took the proceeds from selling the stuff on the streets.

    If the asset (money, car, etc) was used in drug crimes, it has to be used for the interdiction of drugs.

    Many departments have made vehciles seized, that are in good condition, into DARE vehicles.

    The vehicle you see, possibly could be drug related, or it may in fact be a seizure from somebody who has been suspended/revoked for DUI, and was caught and pled or found guilty of driving while suspended/revoked for DUI on their third or more offense.

    For many the vehicle has to be free and clear of leins in order for it to be worth taking.

    So it’s not revenue it’s about taking the profits from illegal activities from the bad guys and using it towards the good.

  2. Ok… I get it now.

    So it’s like money (“proceeds from selling the stuff on the streets”) they seize that’s used for other purposes. Like I said, it’s like a revenue source.

    Profits, revenue call it what you like. It’s still a source of income. I never said it was a bad thing!

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