Greg Pyle Not Granted Bail on Federal Charges

Greg Pyle

While former McHenry County Sheriff’s Sergeant Greg Pyle was granted bail on his state charges, today in Rockford he was not allowed the opportunity to get out of jail prior to his trial on Federal charges of aggravated sexual abuse of a child and producing child pornography by the sexual exploitation of a child.

Meanwhile, a Chicago Tribune article on Pyle’s Tuesday arrest appeared in the Chicago Tribune, as you can see below:

Bob McCoppin’s Tribune article on Gregory Pyle’s Federal arrest on child-sex charges.


Greg Pyle Not Granted Bail on Federal Charges — 14 Comments

  1. This guy proudly drove around with a “Nygren’s Posse” license plate frame on his truck.

    People in his neighborhood did not appreciate that.

  2. Pyle is being ‘housed’ at the Boone County Jail….. what a joke!!

    Why don’t they lock him up at the Cook County Fed Detention Center so he can begin getting ‘proper treatment!’

    Oh yea, that’s right.. treat him very nice and maybe somebody else will come to Pyle’s mind to talk about?

    Let’s make a deal time, I’m sure somebody isn’t sleeping to well right now?

  3. Where is the Posse now?

    Maybe the taxpayers should start writing down plate numbers and where they are , as they see them.

  4. The Sheriff’s department gives a press release every time they catch a shoplifter, why no press release regarding one of the worst crimes this county has ever experienced?

    Yes, one of the worst.

    This guy was part of a task force to catch himself.

    This guy is military trained and an officer in the U.S. Army.

    This guy was a Sergeant for the largest police agency in the county.

    This guy was hand picked by the Sheriff to track down pedophiles.

    This guy was a commander of the Sheriff Department SWAT team.

    He was in charge of the EVIDENCE division which means he had access to every single piece of evidence for every single criminal case that the Sheriff’s Department was involved in.

    Pyle helped establish the Algonquin Township substation with the help of Bob Miller.

    Pyle was a huge supporter and activist for the Dan Regna campaign against Bianchi.

    Pyle was with the team of guys who executed the search warrant on Bianchi’s office.

    This guy was one of the superstars of Nygren’s regime yet no statements to explain how all the signs were missed.

    Anyone who read “The Diametrical Woodstock Advocate” authored under Pyle’s pen name “Sir Pumkin Longshanks” knew that this guy had some serious problems.

    When I read it I just thought that he had a crush on Zane Seipler and that he felt scorned when Seipler spoke out against the Nygren regime.

    I could see from a mile away that the guy was losing control on the blog and that he had a very dark and sinister alter ego.

    Why did Nygren allow him to write that filth for those couple of years and never question this guys sanity or moral character.

    I guess for a guy like Nygren moral character is not a sticking point as long as they bow down and do as they are told.

    I think that when this is all said and done someone could make a lot of money doing the biography of Greg Pyle. It would be a fascinating insight into the mind of evil but also into how he was able to pass as one of the elite of the Sheriff’s Department.

    Just Kidding, the elite of the Sheriff’s Department don’t get promoted or special assignments, they keep their heads down for fear of retaliation.

    Seipler for Sheriff, 2014!

  5. He sure looks a lot different in this photo then he did in that utube video where he and two pals were wrestling “grooming” three young boys.

    I think “ILrattlesnake” is done for.

  6. This Pyle guy had so much access within the Mchenry County sheriffs office and was one of Nygrens trusted guys.

    Do you remember the undersheriff saying this was a domestic issue, and he wants to be the sheriff.

    What a softball he is.

    This is a sad, its all about greed.

    People this is a child we are talking about, no deal here.

  7. Good. No bail should be given to this creep.

    I can’t believe that he was the person in charge, to protect the county & children of child porn, and he was PRODUCING it, and molesting children.

    No one, not Nygren or Mr. undersheriff had any idea?

    Or are they part of the problem?

    And yes, mike, I do remember Mr. undersheriff saying it was a domestic issue.

    Yes, a “domestic” issue concerning the citizens of McHenry County, and if he didn’t have a clue what was going on in the department, he needs to go too.

    Time to clean house.

    And regarding all those with Nygren posse license plate holders, I’d get rid of those ASAP.

    Just sayin’….

  8. Why can’t concerned taxpayer’s have a Press Conference at McHenry County Court House . . . have the Chicago news people come and listen to the concerns that are being expressed.

    Zinke and Nygren do not seem to be around!

    I think the people of McHenry County should get some answers, maybe the Press can get them.

  9. This guy was my FTO (Field Training Officer) when I was hired as a deputy with McHenry County.

    And he was exactly why I left the FTO program…when I was less than a week from completing the program.

    No, not a “wash-out”, just resigned after seeing the quality and ethics of many of the deputies.

    This guy, Pyle, and my next FTO were just plain strange.

    Pyle would actually drive around with the patrol windows down and his radio cranking rap music so loud that I had to ask him if I could turn down the radio to hear our calls (not to mention I was just plain embarassed!).

    He got mad and wrote me up that day for being “mouthy”.

    One deputy, whom I won’t name in this post, actually told me “You drive around while I sleep”; and he did just that.

    He also showed me the “napping spots”.

    He’s been promoted to Sergeant.

    I was disgusted…and this changed my view of law enforcement forever.

  10. It would have been an early career-ending move for MikeD to cite Pyle for the traffic law regarding loud amplification systems.

    Of course, that’s a petty issue compared to everything else.

    The problem with MCSD is that the command personnel criticize the whistle-blowers instead of listening to them.

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