Joe Walsh Accepts Criticism, Seeks “Balance between Straight Talk and Responsible Talk”

In a joint Chicago Tribune interview with Democratic Party opponent Tammy Duckworth, Congressman Joe Walsh admitted the need for balance.

That’s what the subhead says in the top story in the Chicago Tribune today.

“Walsh: Some blunt talk off mark,” the Chicago Tribune headline says.

The direct quote was “that more than once he has gotten ‘a little ahead of myself with my language’ during public meetings with constituents.”

In other news I picked up this past week, the Democrats started reapportionment for Congress by drawing the 8th District for Tammy Duckworth.

That means the Democrats think he is the biggest threat.

That was borne out by Governor Pat Quinn’s criticism of Walsh as “the worst congressman in America.”

In response, according to AP, “Walsh’s campaign says Quinn is the nation’s worst governor and should focus on the state’s budget problems.”

The Public Policy Polling logo.

The Tribune did have enough sense of balance to include Walsh’s contention there is media bias against him. It’s at the end of the article.

Maybe Quinn has figured out the Walsh may run against himfor Governor.

Listen to the speech Walsh gaveto the Illinois Republican Party Convention to standing applause.

A left-leaning poll, Public Policy Polling, shows Duckworth leading Walsh 51-39-10.


Joe Walsh Accepts Criticism, Seeks “Balance between Straight Talk and Responsible Talk” — 8 Comments

  1. Daily correction: That is not a PPP logo — it is CREDO PAC’s program logo.

  2. Walsh for governor?

    Oh good lord, THANK you for the biggest laugh I’ve had in MONTHS.

  3. Let’s be real here Cal, when Walsh decides to run for governor, he’ll do what he’s always done and relocate to where he think he’ll get elected.


    North Carolina?

  4. Congressman Walsh held true to his original campaign pledges:

    Turned down and denied his Congressional Health Care Benefits.
    Turned down and denied his Congressional Pension Plan.
    Voted to cut Congressional budgets by 5% in one of his very first votes.
    Promised to ‘Term Limit’ himself to 3-terms; no more than 6 years.
    Conducted the most Town Hall events in 2012 by any member of Congress.
    Returned his Congressional Allowance, $200,000 of taxpayer funds, to be used to pay down the national debt.

    That I’m having a fundraiser for him this Sunday!

  5. And Duckworth is a B.F.D.? What a joke she is! Go JOE!!!

  6. Thanks for the enlightenment.

    I’m not a regular surfer of the source.

    Catchy logo in any event.

  7. I still wonder why the McHenry County Blog is covering Walsh at all….he is not running in the county and we all know he has accomplished nothing in his 20 months in office.

    Perhaps you should focus on Hultgren

  8. Walsh chose to move his district to run against Duckworth.

    He wasn’t willing to run in his current district against Hultgren. ( regardless of the congressional district number.)

    My money is that he is looking to follow former Governor Palin’s career path… be outlandish, be confrontational, play the extreme on the media scale to gain attention, move on the speakers circuit.

    My money is that Congressman Walsh is looking post election career.

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