Justice Department Checks Out McHenry County Blog

Note this visit to McHenry County Blog came on a Saturday morning. Having been a Federal employee (in the United States Budget Bureau during the Lyndon Johnson Administration–Civil Service), I know dedicated employees work overtime. In fact, a U.S. Postal Inspector called me from his vacation in St. Louis asking for evidence that I believe helped convince Roger Stanley to strike a deal with the U.S. Attorney’s Office with regard to a mail fraud charge.

Now, I’ll admit the link did not come straight from Washington to McHenry County Blog.

And whoever from the Justice Department was looking was interested in Greg Pyle, who Friday was denied bail on of aggravated sexual abuse of a child and producing child pornography by the sexual exploitation of a child.

It went by way of Dirty Keith vs. Dirty Harry, David Bachmann’s blog about the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department.

Bachmann has come out of remission to display maps where he thinks how “places children may be being moved about for the purposes of Criminal acts.”

He adds, “Many very tiny towns, many with populations of 300 persons, near to state or N[ational] Parks and or campgrounds, all just off a major interstate arterial systems, all with a major metropolitan area not far away. These type places have little to no consistent police attention.

“The perfect profile for criminal activity as it relates to human trafficking and drug smuggling.”

Bachmann has also posted a YouTube video of Pyle people might find of interest.


Justice Department Checks Out McHenry County Blog — 3 Comments

  1. Cal, just to clarify please.

    My work on my blog is not about the “McHenry County Sheriffs Department” et. al.

    There are many fantastic, dedicated men and women working in the McHenry County Sheriffs Department. This is a known fact and I have had the pleasure of meeting some of the folks there.

    My aim when I began my ‘mission,’ was to expose the corrupt people within the Department.

    How am I doing thus far???

    It won’t be much longer and all the fine men and women who dedicate their lives to serving and protecting their communities, will be freed from that which binds them.

    I think we all need to keep the innocent in our thoughts and prayers, and we need to keep Scott Milliman in our thoughts and prayers.

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