A New Spam Warning

Gmail has filtered out most of the spam emails I used to get.

What comes now is mainly from friends’ hacked accounts.

Take a look at the warning that came along with a request that I help someone get home from Scotland.

Look at the warning that has been inserted in this spam email.


A New Spam Warning — 2 Comments

  1. First thing I see this morning is your headline.

    I’m trying to shake the cobwebs from my head and I’m thinking, “Oh no, I love Spam!”

    You frightened me!

  2. I had some fun with the spammers.

    I sent a reply when I got one from my friend whose account had obviously been hacked, so after verifying she wasn’t stuck in another country, I told the hacker that I would wire the money.

    Long story short, the hacker wasted 3 trips over the next 3 days to the local Western Union Office to collect money I had never sent in the first place.

    Boy did they get mad and I enjoyed the laugh at their expense.

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