Marty Waitzman Announces Candidacy for Grafton Township Supervisor

A press release from Marty Waitzman:

Marty Waitzman

Marty Waitzman Announces His Election Bid for Grafton Township Supervisor

ALGONQUIN, IL – Marty Waitzman is announcing that he will seek election as Supervisor of Grafton Township, McHenry County, Illinois.

Marty is running because he believes his background as a former policeman, and his current profession as an attorney and a CPA can greatly benefit the people of Grafton Township.

Marty’s objective is to build a Grafton Township government that will work hard, smart, and efficiently for the community.

Marty is a fiscal conservative who knows how to do more with less, and how to work collaboratively and respectfully with the community and other elected officials.

Since the 1980’s, as an attorney and CPA, Marty has worked tirelessly on behalf of clients to resolve disputes and avoid litigation costs to the greatest possible extent.

He counsels clients in financial, estate planning, business transactions, and tax matters.

Marty has worked as a police officer, corporate counsel, and prosecuting attorney. He also served as a Commissioner and officer for a Lake County-based municipal Fire and Police Commission.

In addition to his professional qualifications and experience, Marty Waitzman brings an extensive background in working on charitable, governmental, and community boards and committees.

He has been President, Treasurer, and Board Member in many major local and state-wide charitable causes.

Marty and his family, consisting of Lisa and Zack, and their Yorkshire Terrier, Tilly, reside in Algonquin. Lisa and Marty also have eight adult children and seven grandchildren in their blended family.

For more information, please contact Marty Waitzman at (847) 450-4950,, or visit

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Waitzman is a Republican Precinct Committeeman and will be running for the GOP nomination for Township Supervisor.


Marty Waitzman Announces Candidacy for Grafton Township Supervisor — 8 Comments

  1. It is time to start breaking down townships. A redundant layer of government that we property taxpayers can no longer afford.

  2. It was sure nice of you to promote your self at an event sponsored by Linda Moore.

    The senior bingo at the reck center.

    I guess low class is better than no class at all.

  3. i am now undecided low class or no class, I just cannot make up my mind.

  4. Maybe I’m confused but isn’t it Grafton Township Senior Bingo?

  5. We need forward thinkers, someone that is going to lead our community and Mr. Waitzman seems to have the background to do just that.

    I can’t wait for everyone interested in being elected as Supervisor to come forward and let us know their background and the ways in which they can lead us into the future.

    I look forward to hearing more from Mr. Waitzman!!!!

  6. Marty is not connected to anyone politically.

    He gives his number why don’t you take the time to meet and talk with man before making a decision.

    Frankly the bingo is Grafton Township senior bingo so why not go there and introduce yourself.

    Beside the bingo is not moore’s doing.

    That was long established before she ever got into office.

    Just another service that she takes credit for and had nothing to with.

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