McHenry County Republicans Refusing to Appoint Precinct Committeemen in Dave McSweeney’s & Dan Duffy’s District

Mark Daniel

Rebecca Lee

Listed below are the precincts in the hotly contested 52nd House race.

That’s where Independent Dee Beaubien, with Democrat Mike Madigan’s help, is challenging Republican primary election winner David McSweeney.

You will note that many precincts are empty.

In addition to McSweeney, State Senator Dan Duffy is running a contested race in the same part of McHenry County.

Campaign finance logic dictates that joint attack mailings will be made against Dave McSweeney and Dan Duffy  by the pro-abortion Personal PAC.  After all, they are both pro-life and agree on many other issues.

Besides Madigan’s providing two staffers (see here and here) and Personal PAC’s having targeted the district, Planned Parenthood is also getting deeply involved.

Wouldn’t you think the McHenry County Republican Party would have as its highest priority finding people willing to work for McSweeney and Duffy?

Do they really want another probable vote for Madigan for Speaker to come out of a McHenry County district?

It’s hard to see that McHenry County Party leaders want to “Fire Madigan.”

Having demonstrated that a majority of the Committeemen wanted to make sure Democrat Jack Franks could cast his eighth vote for Mike Madigan for House Speaker by their refusal to allow Tonya Franklin the opportunity to challenge him, you can understand why some might make that conclusion.

Do “Actions speak louder than words?”

By looking at the unmanned precincts, one can easily conclude that the Nunda and Algonquin Township Republican Parties have some other agenda that is more important than electing Republicans who will fight Mike Madigan in Springfield.

Under the procedure ostensibly being following County Republican Party Chairman Mike Tryon, a precinct committeeman in Algonquin Township himself, only when a Township GOP Chairman recommends a person will Tryon use the appointment power given to him by State Statute.

So who are the two Township Chairmen?

  • Nunda Township Republican Central Committee Chairman (also Vice Chairman of the County GOP organization) Mark Daniel and
  • Algonquin Township Republican Central Committee Chairman Rebecca Lee (Township Road Commissioner Bob and County Board member Anna Miller’s daughter)

Wouldn’t you think their highest priority would be to find people willing to help McSweeney and Duffy win the empty precincts?

There are two empty precincts in Nunda Township’s portion of the 52 State Rep. District and fifteen in Algonquin Township.


(47 entire) (10 splits)

Nunda Precincts and Committeemen

Where the precincts are in Nunda Township. Click to enlarge.

1 – Donald C Kopsell (Appt 6/25/12)
pt of 2 – Robert L. Borchert
4 – None
7 – Kelvin Lee Jennings
9 – Bernard V. Narusis
pt of 12 – Mary McClellan
pt of 14 – Patrick Collins
pt of 22 – Joni M Smith (Appt 5/24/12)
23 – Scott E. J. Brown
25 – None
26 – Kathleen R. Reiland (Appt 5/24/12)
28 – Mary Donner (Appt 6/25/12)

Algonquin Township Precinct Committeemen
1 – None
pt of 2 – Kenneth (Ken) D. Koehler
3 – Michael E. Barnas
4 – Andrew Gasser
5 – Charles A. Lutzow, Jr
6 – Anne Majewski (Appt 3/29/12)
8 – Neils Kruse
9 – Dan Shea
pt of 10 – Aaron T. Shepley

Click to enlarge this map of Algonquin Township precincts.

12 – Raymond G. Chisholm
14 – None
pt of 15 – Thomas Kantner (Appt 3/29/12)
16 – Lou Anne Majewski
17 – David W. Miller
18 – Mary Cardelli
20 – None

Credit Fox River Grove Republican Precinct Committeeman Andrew Gasser with this illustration of the connection of Mike Madigan to Dee Beaubien.

21 – None
22 – Lowell A. Cutsforth
23 – Anna May Miller (Appt 3/29/12)
29 – None
30 – Riley Quinlan
31 – None
32 – None
33 – Sean Murphy
34 – Joseph Powalowski (Appt 3/29/12)
pt of 35 – None
39 – None
40 – Mallory A. Rosencrans
41 – None
pt of 43 – None
44 – Patrick Colcernian
45 – Sharon Ann Meroni
46 – Kathleen R. DeRaedt
47 – Rebecca M. Lee
48 – Timothy J Corr (Appt 3/29/12)
49 – Demetrios Pete Tsilimigras
50 – Linda (Lyn) Orphal
55 – Derek Lee (Appt 3/29/12)
56 – Eugene F. Sittinger
59 – None
60 – None
pt of 61 – None
64 – None
65 – Eleni K. Markos Tsilimigras (appt 5/26/12)
67 – Robert Miller (Appt 3/29/12)

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My email is on the left, just in case anyone gets inspired to want to help McSweeney and Duffy.


McHenry County Republicans Refusing to Appoint Precinct Committeemen in Dave McSweeney’s & Dan Duffy’s District — 7 Comments

  1. My wife Laurie and I love Dan, and can accept and support Dave — particularly now that Beaubien has channeled his true colors.

    We would gladly work one or two Algonquin Township precincts in support of McSweeny and Duffy.

  2. Well, I guess I don’t feel like the Lone Ranger, after all.

    Mike Tryon told me a couple of months ago that I might hear from John Jung, Jr. and Geri, the Party secretary, about an appointment to an open Dorr Township precinct.

    After all, the Hill family had claimed four precinct committeeman spots.

    But John and Geri never contacted me, which didn’t really surprise me.

    I’m not known as a “follower”, and I’m not a very good committee person, because I expect something to get accomplished.

  3. Oh, Gus, they didn’t/not contact you because you are “Gus the Outsider” they failed to contact you because they are dribs who are not interested in the Party at all, they are interested in their own little party power plays … you wouldn’t have enjoyed suckling the dirty Repub teat anyway…

  4. Not sure why….but I got a call from Mike Tryon today.

    Ironically we were out knocking doors for Joe Walsh in his district so I was unable to answer.

    Maybe he will finally make good on his promise to appoint me to a Precinct, or maybe not.


  5. Hey Gus, Mark told me that either John Jung or Tina Hill would call me…..good thing I didn’t hold my breath, that was in May, I believe.

  6. ** Gus Philpott says…**

    Wait… a guy who just two years ago ran for elected office as a Green Party candidate now wants to be a GOP precinct committeeman?


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