Algonquin Township -The Weak Sister Dee Beaubien Is Taking Advantage Of

Thursday I pointed out that Algonquin and Nunda Townships have seventeen precincts that are in play in the State Rep. race between Republican Dave McSweeney and Independent Dee Beaubien.

Beaubien has had two Mike Madigan’s Democratic Party field guys in the field working for Beaubien for two pay periods that have been reported to the State Board of Elections.

In the same area, State Senator is being challenged by another woman from Personal PAC, the pro-abortion Political Action Committee.

My take on the inability or refusal to appoint Republican Committeemen for the empty precincts was as follows:

Wouldn’t you think the McHenry County Republican Party would have as its highest priority finding people willing to work for McSweeney and Duffy?

Do they really want another probable vote for Madigan for Speaker to come out of a McHenry County district?

I’d add today,” when Party leaders have guaranteed that Jack Franks will be around to cast his eight vote for Madigan.”

So, if you were one of Madigan’s minions, where would you put your efforts in Algonquin Township.

This is not a tough question.

And, I’ve already given you the answer:

It’s in the precincts unprotected by even a “sure, I’ll be a GOP Precinct Committeeman, but don’t expect me to do anything” place holder.

And, I’ve learned that’s exactly the game plan.

The Dems are throwing people into the empty precincts to distribute Beaubien’s literature.

Good strategy.

And, what’s the Republican Party response?

No appointments in the McSweeny-Duffy part of Algonquin Township since May 26th.

Only one, Bryan Javor, appointed in any other empty Algonquin Township precincts and that was on July 23rd.

You can see the vacancies in the McSweeney-Duffy part of the township below. Regardless of where you live, if you would like to help keep Dee Beaubien from becoming THE deciding vote to re-elect Mike Madigan for all but one time since George Ryan was House Speaker, let me know. My email address is on the left hand side of the blog.

No wonder candidates don’t depend on the McHenry County Republican Party to get elected.

Algonquin Township Precinct Committeemen
1 – None
pt of 2 – Kenneth (Ken) D. Koehler
3 – Michael E. Barnas
4 – Andrew Gasser
5 – Charles A. Lutzow, Jr
6 – Anne Majewski (Appt 3/29/12)
8 – Neils Kruse
9 – Dan Shea
pt of 10 – Aaron T. Shepley
12 – Raymond G. Chisholm

Click to enlarge this map of Algonquin Township precincts.

14 – None
pt of 15 – Thomas Kantner (Appt 3/29/12)
16 – Lou Anne Majewski
17 – David W. Miller
18 – Mary Cardelli
20 – None
21 – None

Credit Fox River Grove Republican Precinct Committeeman Andrew Gasser with this illustration of the connection of Mike Madigan to Dee Beaubien.

22 – Lowell A. Cutsforth
23 – Anna May Miller (Appt 3/29/12)
29 – None
30 – Riley Quinlan
31 – None
32 – None
33 – Sean Murphy
34 – Joseph Powalowski (Appt 3/29/12)
pt of 35 – None
39 – None
40 – Mallory A. Rosencrans
41 – None
pt of 43 – None
44 – Patrick Colcernian
45 – Sharon Ann Meroni
46 – Kathleen R. DeRaedt
47 – Rebecca M. Lee
48 – Timothy J Corr (Appt 3/29/12)
49 – Demetrios Pete Tsilimigras
50 – Linda (Lyn) Orphal
55 – Derek Lee (Appt 3/29/12)
56 – Eugene F. Sittinger
59 – None
60 – None
pt of 61 – None
64 – None
65 – Eleni K. Markos Tsilimigras (appt 5/26/12)
67 – Robert Miller (Appt 3/29/12)


Algonquin Township -The Weak Sister Dee Beaubien Is Taking Advantage Of — 10 Comments

  1. How many of the current elected or appointed PCs that Cal listed are actually doing anything to support Duffy or McSweeny?

  2. No one cares about politics. I would dare say that most conservative Republicans are more worried about evil in the world; and have given up and are waiting for the return of Jesus.

  3. Cal…’s a dead horse at this point. There won’t be any appointments unless the Repubs pick them personally. I hope real Conservatives will run for these precincts in the future. Everyday folks need to find the time to educate their friends and neighbors if we are to make a difference in November. We certainly don’t need the permission of the McHenry County Dems…I mean Republicans to walk our neighborhoods and reach out to voters.

  4. The only way McHenry Co GOPhers will be ‘weak sisters’ is if they choose to be, and/or are part of the ‘combine’ along with Mullah Mike.

    Sounds like the ‘leadership’ is both.

  5. Tonya you are so correct, I now refer to McHenry County as the RINO county. This is so pathetic. Go RINOS, hahahaha, Go Andy the clown RINO.

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