Associate Judge Marty Zopp to Retire

Associate Judge Martin Zopp.  Photo by Robin F. Pendergast, Inc.

Among the other information picked up at the annual fund raiser of McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi was the impending retirement of Associated Judge Martin Zopp.

Zopp, who lives in Crystal Lake, worked longer than his wife Marilyn, who is retired from McHenry County College.

The Judge’s retirement will undoubtedly set off a frenzy of resume updating for attorneys who would like a good, steady income without having to worry about paying support staff and other office expenses.

The pay in 2010 was about $165,000 a year.

A replacement will be selected by a vote of the elected Circuit Court Judges in the 22nd Juridical District:

  • Michael T. Caldwell
  • Michael J. Chmiel
  • Joseph P. Condon
  • Gordon E. Graham
  • Maureen P. McIntyre
  • Sharon Prather
  • Michael J. Sullivan
  • Charles P. Weech

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