Pam Fender Hooks Up with Betty Zirk, Three Newcomers

Pam Fender.

Pam Fender’s web site for her campaign for Grafton Township Supervisor shows she is running as part of a slate in the Republican primary election in late February.

Besides Zirk, who is a known factor, the other three are identified below with what Fender has put about them on her web site:

Jim Kelly

Jim Kelly and his family have lived in Huntley for 13 years. He is a practicing attorney in McHenry County. He has helped Grafton Township as an attorney for many years, but now wants to help the residents of Grafton as a Trustee. He cares about its Senior population, thinks new programs and expansion of the existing programs, all brought about in a Peaceful situation, will benefit all residents.

Marci Gordon

Marci Gordon and her family have lived in the area for some time. Marci was the Moderator at the 2012 Grafton Township Annual Meeting. She has been going to Grafton Meetings, becoming more and more alarmed at the actions of the current Supervisor. Marci has a compassionate heart and a logical brain, she will benefit our residents by her good ideas and great intellect.

Jenn Jones is a young Mom, with a heart of gold and the head of Sherlock Holmes. She can scour over financial pages, look through reams of paperwork, finding out all the facts needed to see a situation in its real light. As a trustee, she will be an asset to the Grafton Township board.


Pam Fender Hooks Up with Betty Zirk, Three Newcomers — 10 Comments

  1. Sounds like these people should be running Heaven and telling God what to do.

  2. The slate has been picked for a new township hall.

    This is what they are after.

    Whats $5,000,000 of taxpayer money?

    Paul ,it sounds like you know this trustee quite well.

  3. Kelly is the attorney that masterminded the failed attempt to build the taj mahal, residents better wise up or they will have a very nice building in the very near future to hold all of their meetings in, not to mention the plush offices, bingo parlor and modern space for a food pantry.

  4. C’mon Betty, isn’t it time to retire before you are more embarrassed?

  5. Wait – this is the lawyer who cost Grafton 10s of thousands of dollars, now wanting to be a trustee?


    Wait really?

    Do you have a link you can post on that?

  6. Pam Fender is a liberal democrat. Why doesn’t she have the guts to run as one?

    Instead, she’s going with this farce of running as a republican.

  7. Any conflict of interest on fenders part?

    Village trustee and township supervisor? How about neither position?

  8. Jim Kelly

    How much money did he make off Grafton Township? .

    Bad choice i will not vote for him.

  9. C’mon Betty, isn’t it time to retire before you are more embarrassed?

    Seriously? Betty Zirk could teach you a few things.

    She has a lot of township knowledge and is an amazing woman.

    I would vote for her as long as she keeps running.

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