Attempt to Woo Ron Paul Supporters Takes a Hit in McHenry County

Mark Widhalm, a Delegate candidate for Ron Paul’s Presidential campaign, ran for Republican Precinct Committeeman in McHenry 3 as a write-in.

He didn’t win, but was appointed to the spot.

Now he has resigned.

His resignation letter appears below:

Mike Tryon
County Chairman
McHenry County Republican Central Committee
PO Box 723
McHenry, IL 60051

Mr. Tryon and members of the Central Committee,

Mark Widhalm

The actions of the Republican Party at the local, state and national level leave me quite dismayed.

I have witnessed the party partake in the character assassinations of good, honest people.

It seems that unethical, last minute rule changes in order to keep the party power structure in place have become the norm.

I have watched as the party bosses ignore and refuse to seat delegations because they don’t tow the party line.

The Republican Party leadership has become an immoral, unethical group of thugs who seek to crush any dissent within the party and I now realize that attempting to use an irreparable system to fix an irreparable system is entirely futile.

The harder folks try to bring a shred of sanity to the party, the greater the corruption from the party leadership as they struggle to retain power.

I can no longer associate myself with the constant immoral actions of the Republican Party and therefore, I am resigning from my position as McHenry Township Precinct 3 Committeeman, effective immediately.

Please remove me from any party listserv and future mailings.


Mark C Widhalm


Attempt to Woo Ron Paul Supporters Takes a Hit in McHenry County — 13 Comments

  1. This young man has politics and religion mixed up.

    I support many of Ron Paul’s philosophies but certainly not his foreign policy, many other Conservatives are at extreme odds with it.

    What he believes is immoral only clashes with his personal beliefs and evidently he does not want to engage in the political process and make change from within.

    Paul Ryan, Joe Walsh, Alan West, Nikki Haley and many, many other young Republicans have fought from within and are succeeding.

    A few years and the maturity that comes with age will help this young man.

  2. Many ‘Paul’ supporters believe change within the GOP can come from the top down – it must come from the bottom up.

    Both main political parties have become corrupt.

    The current power structures believe they can ignore the demands of “We the People”.

    Third party is not the answer due to the current ‘state’ structures of election laws.

    We must continue the move of a return to ‘morality’ and honesty within the GOP – the Democrat party has been totally co-opted by the marxists.

    The Ron Paul group lost its way when it marched with groups like ‘code pink’.

    The McHenry GOP committeemen need to recruit more committeemen who are willing to replace the current power structure of Tryon, Davis, Daniels – they definitely do not understand the meaning of a Representative Republic under the rule of law.

    The current power structure is too willing to ‘manipulate’.

    The Illinois GOP voters need to ‘weed’ out all elected officials who run as Republicans for one purpose – to garner the GOP vote when in reality they support continued expansion of social programs and other avenues of government growth (this includes committeemen and all levels of office).

    Our state MUST concentrate on electing people to office who have one goal – LESS GOVERNMENT.

    The GOP must work diligently to place conservatives on local school boards.

    Mark should re-think his resignation and continue to work for the return of the rule of law.

    The current power structure is getting concerned about people like Mark and his resignation works well within their game plan.

  3. Way to help buck the stereotype of Ron Paul supporters being spoiled children.

  4. This guy is so on to the McHenry County REPUBLICANS, RINO County did you see Keith, Andy the clown and Art T.

    Hahahaha, wake up VOTERS.

  5. He does have a point.

    Why did the GOP change the rules and act like children during the convention?

    Why not give Paul the credit he deserved and thereby garner the support of his followers?

    Government has become more about politics than what is best for the people.

  6. Paul lost.

    Man up and live with it.

    Either support Romney or watch this country deteriorate further over the next four years. Jeez.

    Comments about the County party though are spot on.

  7. Man up?

    A little respect for peoples opinions goes a long way towards bridging divides, something the GOP obviously doesn’t understand.

    If we can’t do it in our own party, how can we act like we can do it in congress?

  8. HOORAH, Mark!

    A man with principles.

    May the good Lord bless you and keep you and yours safe.

  9. Jason – right on. Romney would have won anyway.

    Would it have been that hard to go through the primary process fairly?

    Turning off microphones when someone is about to utter the dreaded words “Ron Paul”?

    Bus driver for the Virginia delegation gets lost on his way to the convention hall?

    The GOP did a great job of creating a lot of Obama supporters, the way some look at it.

  10. Working within our political system can be very frustrating as Mark demonstrates.

    I don’t think I have seen anything immoral or unethical taking place.

    Just because we don’t like it, doesn’t make it such.

    The Federal Govt., State Govt., local Govt. our political parties and just about everything else are run by committees.

    If you are the minority opinion you won’t win many battles, but your opinion still has an impact.

    If you want to win, you must be very convincing, be the chairman of the committee or form a majority on the committee.

    Some of these options can take years or may never happen.

    If you aren’t on the committee, your point of view will never be heard.

    We all need to stay involved, even the minority opinion wins once in a while.


    This same thing happen at the Illinois convention where I was a delegate.

    xplain to me how this is just “the political process?”

    Jim, a few years and some more maturity will evolve me into this?

    No thank you.

    f lies, intimidation and deceit are what it takes to change the party, I’ll keep my dignity and leave the party.

    I do not regret my decision at all.

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