Free Romney Signs in Crystal Lake Tonight

Free Romney signs will be available at Crystal Lake’s d’Andrea’s Thursday night.

If you were inspired by the Republican National Convention and would like a Romney for President sign, the McHenry County Republican Party will be giving them away at D’Andrea’s at the southeast corner of Route 14 and 31 Thursday night.

The faithful will gather to hear Mitt Romney give his acceptance speech.


Free Romney Signs in Crystal Lake Tonight — 7 Comments

  1. Unable to be there, but I would love a Romney yard sign.

    Using the speech as a civics lesson tonight for my children.

    Besides, the first Latter-Day Saint nominated by a party for president means something to us.

    Also could use an Obama yard sign.

    Need it for my Halloween decorations for my lawn.

  2. I hope there were plenty of Packer jerseys and Cheeze Whiz floating around.

    The crackers were in the Tampa stadium.

  3. There are only two types of people that will vote for Flip Robme, Lyan Ryan or the GOP/Tea Party.

    1) the Millionaire and Corporate Executive looking for even MORE Tax loopholes and cuts (even though they are paying the LOWEST effective rate in over 50 years averaging less than 13%) along with FEWER Environmental and Wall Street Regulations (Which is what got us unto this environmental and Economic mess in the first place) OR

    2) The Low IQ, Low Information Fox “news” viewing Tea Bagger who is duped by the Lies, Propaganda and Misinformation of the GOP and AFP to vote against their own Economic, Social, Environmental and Health Care Reform interests .

    The Bigot, Racist, Misogynist, Homophobic, Xenophobic Evangelical Hypocrites will do anything to get the “Black” Guy out of the White House.

    Middle Class Americans who support The Romney/Ryan budget raising Taxes on 98% of Americans by an average of $2,000 while giving Millionaires and Corporations even bigger tax breaks and more loopholes are like Chickens voting for Colonel Sanders.

  4. Bob: Are you Ellen Barkin with no time on your hands?

    Name calling isn’t going to change minds.

    Neither are failed ideas.

    See today’s jobless numbers?

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