Finally Heard a McHenry County College Commercial on WNIJ-FM

Last June, the McHenry County College Board voted to lay out $10,000 for periodic advertisements on the Public Broadcasting System station in DeKalb.

I was astounded, since reception in my car (where I listen to radio) is spotty in Crystal Lake and points north where most people live in McHenry County.

So, when I can get the station without static (and, even sometimes with static), I’ve been trying to catch an MCC ad.

Going to Rockford for Zane Seipler’s wrongful termination court hearings, I listen to the station.

Tonight I heard my first one.

In Crystal Lake.

It was pitching seminars and gave the MCC web address and, I think, “slash, seminars.”

I wonder if there was any response.

The radio station’s internal search engine directed me to this message:

The message on WNIJ-FM, the DeKalb Public Radio station which McHenry County College paid $10,000 to.


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