VJ Day Today

When I was running for McHenry County Treasurer in 1966 and State Rep. in the 1070’s, Woodstock had a VJ Day Parade.

The VJ stood for Victory in Japan.

I don’t know what year the parade ended, but at least the Chicago Tribune remembers that September 2nd is an important day in United States history.

Thanks to photos taken by the doctor whom now-deceased Wonder Lake Pharmacist Mate Sully Sullivan brought back from World War II , I can share parts of the day with you.

The Japanese surrender was a big deal for McHenry County. Until relatively recently, Woodstock held an annual VJ Day Parade. Click to enlarge any photo.

The Japanese signatories of the unconditional surrender documents approach the table.

The humiliated Japanese officials leave the surrender ceremony.

You can see the other photos Donald B. Sullivan brought home, as well as Sullivan’s obituary here.


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  1. I would like to tell some one. That I have 2 of the 3 excite photos of the surrender . On the Missouri .

    My dad let a friend use his camera.

    To photography this great event.

    He was in the 3rd marine division.

    I would really like to know how they came into your collection ?

    I understand he had friends during ww ll.

    I would really like to make contact with some one .

    I feel I owe it to him as his son.

    His name was Anthony P DAmato. He died in 2004.

    Thanks so much.


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