Bachmann Characterizes Sheriff’s Candidate as “Lone Ranger”

Bill Prim

The Lone Ranger

Dirty Keith vs. Dirty Harry blogger Dave Bachmann continues to have an interest in the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department.

After reading about the candidacy of retired Des Plaines Police Commander Bill Prim, he says Prim reminds him of the Lone Ranger.

Prim is running against Keith Nygren Undersheriff Andy Zinke and attorney Jim Harrison.


Bachmann Characterizes Sheriff’s Candidate as “Lone Ranger” — 8 Comments

  1. The Northwest Herald has yet to do a piece about this man running for sheriff.

    That tells me this is the guy we want!!

  2. Cal, thanks so much for this vital information.

    Can you find out who reminds him of Flash Gordon?

    What about Spiderman?

    I’ll anxiously await the next post.

  3. Lone Ranger or Lone Stranger.

    The Journal Topics paper wrote he retired on 2 days notice and only 2 years short of a 30 year pension.

    They seemed to think there is a tie-in with the Des Plaines PD scandals involving fraudulent arrest reports and the beating of a handcuffed prisoner.

  4. “Common Sense,” Who are “They” please?

    I looked into the situation you refer to, nowhere did Commander Prim’s name get targeted as playing any role.

    I did not target Mr. Zinke in the Pavlin beatings.

    He was not there so I did not feel it would be fair to blame him for that.

    But, he was in the office with Pedophile Pyle as Pyle used company computers on company property to play his naughty games.

    So, let’s show facts rather than using words such as “They” and no links to any proof of any wrongdoing.

    Thank you.

  5. If I read the articles correctly, Prim was never mentioned in the law suits or investigations.

    As for the retirement date, it was two days from the date the article was published not two days from when he gave notice to the city.

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