Madigan Doesn’t Wait for Personal PAC to Launch Abortion Attack

Late last week Democrat Mike Madigan’s campaign folks unleashed the first attempt to drive people away from Republican David McSweeney using the abortion issue.

This is the address side of the Democratic Party of Illinois mailing on behalf of Dee Beaubien (Ind.-Madigan). It uses the issue of abortion to try to drive voters in Beaubien’s direction.

Most observers thought that it would be the pro-abortion Personal PAC that would do the heavy lifting on this topic.

According to the headline, Dave McSweeney’s position on abortion is “Unspeakable.”

But the Madigan strategists must think the issue needed playing sooner than Personal PAC.

Personal PAC is known for charging, late in the campaign, that Republican Pro-Life candidates want to put women who have abortions in jail.



Madigan Doesn’t Wait for Personal PAC to Launch Abortion Attack — 6 Comments

  1. Oh, because force-dilating a womans cervix, placing a suction device into the uterus, sucking the baby out limb by limb as it fights for its life, crushing the skull then sucking the skull out in pieces, and then throwing the “products of conception” out with the trash …… THAT TO THE DEMOCRATS IS NOT EXTREME, but being Pro-life is?

    Cmon people…..use your brain.

  2. What’s really hard hitting about this piece is it’s the first time McSweeney’s real updated picture is used.

    No outdated nor airbrushed photo.

    McSweeney’s camp: if there was any doubt Madigan is serious about this seat, it’s clear now that he is.

    Take all the suggestions to improve your mailings & get them out, & that includes using updated pics of McSweeney.

  3. Fascinating! The Pro Death people bleat about womens’ rights yet they don’t care about the rights of the life inside the women.

    Since the hundreds of thousands of abortions each year do not have a lot of women involved in the incest, rape, or health of the mother logic/excuse, I guess the majority of them chose to have sex.

    Since I find it hard to believe that hundreds of thousands had birth control failure, they used one of their rights to interact without birth control. Gambling with getting pregnant is apparently preferable to some versus thinking about killing a life inside of them.

    The public was brainwashed into believing that abortion was okay because it was dealing only with a few cells. Decades later, we now know what a developing life looks like in the womb. It is possible to recognize eyes, fingers, and so on. There is movenet.

    Since rocks don’t move or have eyes and fingers, I guess there IS life inside and abortion IS killing a life.

    There are many people who want to adopt.

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