Seneca Township Dedicating Township Flag Today

A press release from Seneca Township:

The Seneca Township Flag. Seneca Township is located in McHenry County, Illinois.

Seneca Township in McHenry County will be holding a flag dedication for the Township’s newly designed flag.

The idea for a flag to represent Seneca Township was suggested by Don Andrews (citizen of Seneca Township).

The Board realized it could be a costly endeavor to have a design created.

Trustee Susan Mathews suggested that this would be a great opportunity for a local Scout to complete his Eagle Scout Project requirement. The Board agreed this was the best option to accomplish the project without great cost to the taxpayers.

Jarrett Mathews, a Life Scout from Marengo Troop 530, agreed to make this his Eagle Scout Project.

Once he had approval from appropriate Adult Scout Leaders, he worked to recruit students from Marengo Community High School’s Art Department as well as seeking help from local Scouts.

As this project was artistic in nature, he ended up with a small handful of students to lead in the development of a design concept.  Jarrett worked with these students to educate them regarding the history of Seneca Township in order to come up with an appropriate theme for the flag designs.

As the Township is rural and named for the Seneca Indian Tribe, they chose designs to represent these themes.

The design also need to incorporate the year of establishment, 1850, as well as the county name, McHenry County.

The designs were presented to the Township Board of Directors, where the Board members evaluated each design and finally put it to a vote.

Once the design had been chosen, Jarrett and his group of students took the chosen design drawing to a graphic artist, where the design was scanned into a computer on Adobe Illustrator software and saved to a flash drive. This flash drive was sent to a printer where the design was printed onto a sample size fabric for the Seneca Township Board to approve. Once the product was approved by the Board, the Trustees voted to purchase the full size flag for the Township.

The only cost to the Township was the purchase of the final product.

The new flag will be dedicated at Seneca Township’s regular meeting at the Township building, Tuesday, September 11, 2012.

The address is 16506 Garden Valley Road, Woodstock, IL 60098.

The ceremony will begin promptly at 7pm. Representatives from the American Legion – Don Andrews and Gene Boxleitner will be present.

The McHenry County District 6 Board members have also been invited, Randy Donley, Mary McCann, Diane Evertsen, and Ersel Schuster.

Also present at the dedication ceremony will be the Seneca Township Supervisor, Jim Kagel; Road Commissioner, Scott Swanson, Trustees, Rosemary Bartman, Tom Dahlfors, Susan Mathews, Mike O’Leary; Clerk, Dawn Seemann, and the Accessor, Paul Bockman.

As the ceremony will fall on 9/11, Scout Troop 530 will also conduct an invocation and benediction for the people that lost their lives in the Twin Towers.

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