Algonquin Township Salary Increase Plan Downsized

Algonquin Township’s top elected officials decided to ask for 2% raises each year for the next four years.

The salaries would have looked like the following, had the proposal passed:

This was the proposed salary schedule for Algonquin Township officials.  What passed was 2% raises in years 3 and 4, so the maximums will be as seen in year 2 above.

Russell Cardelli

While advanced by Township Trustee Dan Shea, fellow Fox River Grove Township Trustee Lowell Cutsforth amended the motion to freeze the salaries for two years, followed by two years of 2% increases.

That motion ended up passing 4-1.

The newest member of the Board, Russell Cardelli, wanted to freeze the salaries for the entire four years, as McHenry Township proposes.

His was the only “No” vote on the amended salary resolution.


Algonquin Township Salary Increase Plan Downsized — 6 Comments

  1. At least one person was smart enough to ask for a 4yr freeze.

    Good job Mr. Cardelli.

    Better to be on the right side of a 4 to 1 vote.

  2. Cardelli supported a freeze? How did they let him on the Board?

  3. Next step, get Mr. Cardelli elected in February 2013 primary, and a few other trustees who’ll stick up for the people.

    Township Trustees need to show some independence from heavy handed office holders.

    These trustees, and Clerk Munaretto who wants the Supervisor’s job, could have done what the County Board did – freeze salaries for 4 years; Nunda Township proposing to decrease salaries, and McHenry Township proposing a 4-year freeze.

    It’s not to late to call Trustees and ask them to reconside

    Let’s put them all on speed dial, now.

  4. A bunch of Miller “toadies” needed to be voted out. NO BACKBONE!

    I was once told Linda Lance was a straight shooter.

    Go to First Electric Newpapar for a full report. Some showed resistance as well as Linda but went along with a raise.

    She has apparently turned the corner.

    Sorry I did not attend.

    Citizens, let’s make them accountable.

    If enough people fill the room, things turn out differently.

    Mr. Cardelli listened to the voters.

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