Huntley Teachers Reject Contract

In 2008, the Huntley Education Association hit the streets with picket signs.

District 158 teachers have rejected the contract terms offered by the District 158 School Board.

Here’s what’s in a joint Huntley Education Association-School Board press release:

Negotiation Update from District 158 Board of Education and Huntley Education Association

ALGONQUIN, IL – Members of the Huntley Education Association and the Board of Education’s negotiating teams tentatively agreed on a contract on September 5, 2012.

On September 10, 2012, members of the Huntley Education Association met to vote on the tentative agreement.  In that meeting, the membership rejected the agreement.

At this time, the Board of Education and the Huntley Education Association are in communication and continue working together in an effort to conclude the negotiation process.

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At this point in the negotiations last time around, the School Board made the terms of the contract public.

Perhaps the Board will do that again.


Huntley Teachers Reject Contract — 11 Comments

  1. Shameful that adults are ruining the education of our children.

    The unions here in Illinois are just out of control – while states rightfully smash the unions in other states, we empower them.



    Andrew Gasser

  2. As of last year, D-158 Board President Skala sits across the bargaining table from his wife, a teacher and union member in D-158.

    Of course, this nepotism pales in comparison to the ownership of Algonquin Township over the past few decades.

  3. Chris, you just pointed out one of the main problems in d158.

    The greed of the teachers will start showing at the picket line.

    What color shirts this time?

    Not pink again.

    Oh well what ever is “best” Oh I keep forgetting, IT’S FOR THE CHILDREN.

  4. Uhh need to work on your facts.

    Skala is not part of the negotiations and doesn’t vote on the contracts once they are before the board.

    If you want to bash him for something he has done that you didn’t like or hasn’t done that you think he should have, go for it.

    Just try to stick to the non-fiction section please.

  5. Ooooo…. cartoons!

    I guess Scooby Doo is truthful storytelling too, eh?

  6. Union teachers go on strike, we replace them with non-union teachers for a more reasonable pay, put the extra money into the schools, our kids win big and taxes stay the same or even (sit down please)…go down!

  7. Didn’t they just get a huge raise last time they went on strike?

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