Grafton Road Commissioner Jack Freund Seeks Ouster of Supervisor Linda Moore

Jack Freund

In a motion filed in McHenry County Circuit Court Friday, Grafton Township Road Commissioner Jack Freund seeks the removal of Supervisor Linda Moore from office for failure to carry out her duties as Supervisor as well as Treasurer of the Road District.

The pleading argues that the statutes do not give the Supervisor “unilateral power, or ‘veto power’ to refuse to pay township bills” approved by the Township Board.

Not paying all the approved bills, characterized as “duties” of the Supervisor “shall” result in disqualification to serve in the office.

A series of invoices, some large, some small, are listed which have been approved by the Township Board, but not paid by Supervisor Moore.

$56,588.33 in all.

$24,450 was recently offered and deposited, but the Road Commissioner’s lawyer argues that did not cover the amount owed.

Besides being forced to pay the money owed and kicked out of office, the court document asks that Moore be prohibited from holding the office in the future, plus be fined and made to pay Freund’s attorney’s fees.

With regard to her role as Treasurer of the Road District, Freund argues that Moore didn’t pay bills he authorized and charged the Road District for items not approved by him, such as, charges for the bookkeeping Quickbooks program.

The suit requests a permanent injunction to keep Moore from taking money from the Road District checking account for Quickbooks and other payments unauthorized by the Freund.

In response, Moore said,

Linda Moore

“This is just another delay tactic.

“He had filed his complaint over a year ago and has refused all attempts of mediation or other despite resolution.

“There is nothing that is new or of substance, again, just another delay tactic which is a waste of tax payer’s money.

“In response to our motion for court ordered mediation, they have asked for two weeks to file a response and we will again be in court on October 11th

“Commissioner Freund is complaining that I am not following the instructions of his daughter, Jenny Moore, whom he has hired as his clerk.

“The road commissioner received the $24,000 check in April, but has refused to deposit it as of this date.

“He has failed to provide proof that he has personally incurred any expense for his wife’s insurance and yet demands that he be paid personally for this expense.

“He also refuses to sign his wife up for the township insurance provider.”


Grafton Road Commissioner Jack Freund Seeks Ouster of Supervisor Linda Moore — 17 Comments

  1. All I can say is YOU GO JACK!!!!

    It is about time someone really brought out the absolute truth.

    Of course if anyone was at the meeting Trustee Murphy read how the bills are to be paid for the road Commiss. and out of the 7 items the last one only mentions the supervisor and all it says is she is to write the checks.

    Talk about the supervisor trying to take over the road commiss. authority.

  2. I 2nd that – YOU GO JACK!!!!

    Linda doesn’t even know how to use Quickbooks so that’s why she’s not paying for it. Duh!

  3. The absolute truth is that this is a waste of your Grafton dollars.

    Freund can’t wait for the electoral process to be complete?

    He does this?

    Freund needs an opponent, too.

    If Linda prevails in the election, then go to court.

    Otherwise what was waiting a few months?

    More ego, more loose cannons, more wast of taxpayer dollars.

    Grafton Township: Exhibit 1 in support of eliminating townships.

  4. Yet another lawsuit by someone OTHER than Linda.

    When this lawsuit fails what happens then?

  5. Children, children, children…. time out!

    Go to your seats and be quiet for five minutes.

    Paul Greenlee is right.

    Do the poor people in Grafton Township have a chance?

    By “poor people” I mean ALL the electors (residents) in Grafton Township.

    Do you know what the difference is between terrorists and the elected officials of Grafton Township? You can negotiate with terrorists!

  6. Just another example of Linda being incapable or not wanting to do her job.

    Why has Linda alienated everyone that she works with?

    Linda will not follow Judge Caldwell’s orders.

    Why won’t Linda pay the Forensicon bill in FULL?

    I agree with you Gus, you can’t negotiate with Linda because she is worse than a terrorist.

  7. Nevermind the Moore apologists, like Philpott and Greenlee.

    At long last, “checkmate” is on the horizon.

    Thank you Mr. Freund.

  8. What apologist?

    Linda will rise or fall at the polls based on her perfomance.

    Some things she has done well by protecting Grafton, including its dim bulbs, by ensuring a white elephant township hall was not built.

    Other issues, looks like her record is spotty, to be kind.

    The Pam Fender fiasco was not her doing but the that of the Stooges.

    This lawsuit is driven by another with a political grudge and NOT out of concern for the public (read it; it’s all about poor Jack).

    Save the voters the money, let them decide.

    Roy, you wouldn’t be suggesting the public be denied its voice, would you?

    Nah, not you, just another trustee apologist.

  9. Yes, Jack, go – and take the Trustees, Fender, and family employees with you.

    Enough already with any Townships’ officials thinking that they are in “forever jobs”.

    Some also think these positions are their personal piggy banks or private businesses to bestow taxpayers’ bucks on personal perks or buddies.

    Illinois suburban politics has a stench that seems a lot like Chi Town. RINOS abound.

  10. I’ve been called many things (most cannot be printed here), but I’ve never been called an apologist – until now. Let’s see; is that libel?

    Linda Moore is the one who remains polite at Township meetings.

    Frankly, I don’t know how she does it, in view of the often-caustic remarks of the trustees and the bitter attacks on her.

    Isn’t Linda the official who found a mediator?

    And the trustees were afraid to meet with a mediator?

    Keep Linda.

    Vote the four trustees out.

    Save Grafton Township.

  11. All day I’ve been trying to figure out what “YOU GO JACK” means.

    If the author had written “You go, Jack”, I might have understood.

    But what does “You go jack” mean?

  12. Well, I forgot a comma. Let me explain further. I am totally behind the road comm. going after the supervisor.

    Hence, YOU GO, JACK!!!!

    Does that clarify things for you.

    Sorry that you spent all day trying to figure out what it meant.

  13. To everyone saying the road commissioner should wait: WHY?

    What happens if she wins re-election? The same problem exists…with Linda being Superviser and fighting the same bills and procedures?

    However if he waits, he will no longer be the Road Commissioner – he is not running for re-election. If he is owed personal money for a “Linda suggested insurance policy” for his wife, then he HAS to start or continue with this suit now. I personally don’t agree that all spouses should be covered free of charge, I mean, I have to pay for my spouses insurance, so should elected officials.

    Regardless – if you stop the name calling and look at the facts – Jack is personally owed money by the township. If he wants to recover it, he has to handle it now, and not leave it for the next Road Commissioner and Board of trustees to iron out.

    So you can’t blame Jack for pushing the issue of his claims. He has a right to his money if that is the agreement and contract on file with the township.

    As for pushing Linda out of office? Well if she is in fact breaking rules, then she should lose her job. So should any trustee or elected official. Do the job, or get the boot.

    And if you read through all the articles – only one trustee is running for re-election. The other 3 are all bowing out due to the headaches. I have to admit – I would not waste my time, and efforts for $100 a meeting. What a thankless job! To put up with people giving you crap everyday, having your name in all these posts and papers over this Townships BS! For just a $100???

    It isn’t about the money for the trustees. They have other jobs to feed their families. However a 19,000 paycut for the Supervisor job…that shows how they feel the supervisor has done her job. Even the Supervisor voted for it… I assume she either feels she was overpaid for what she did/didn’t do – or has no chance to win re-election.

    Either way in my opinion – Jack had to proceed to get back his personal money owed for the insurance.

  14. He Cain’t Wait!

    This is simple, just have the board pass a motion to allow Linda to pay the Road Commissioner.

    Problem solved.

    PSSSTTT – that is what the board is supposed to do anyways.

  15. Have you not attended the township meetings?

    They have made motions, and passed them to pay this bill to Jack – more than once!

    It should be simple…but Linda refuses to pay the bills that the board approves.

    If she doesn’t like it – she announces that “This issue is in litigation” and then moves on to the next item on the agenda!!!!

    It is insane – absolutely insane – that we even have to BLOG about this! The trustees vote to pay it, the bill should be paid.

    How many times do they have to ask about Forensicon, or Jacks insurance, or the assessors employee reimbursements, or any other number of non paid bills.

    Linda is doing a song and dance, and only she can understand the music.

    The voters will decide if she gets to keep her job…but the judge can and should determine if things are being done properly, and actually do something about it if it is not!

    Wake up and smell the crap you are trying to shovel!

  16. The whole thing was Moore’s idea to begin with.

    She was the one who wrote the memo to the board that this would be a good idea to do and it was passed.

    Now she is trying to say that Jack refuses to put his wife on the insurance.


    How can anyone think that Moore is a good leader, a good supervisor or basically a good person.

    She twist everything around and tells nothing but half-truths.

    The problem is she believes everything that cones out of her mouth to be true even when she is proven wrong.

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