Grafton Township Lowers Salaries

The most controversial Township government in McHenry County, Grafton Township, decided to cut salaries for the next set of Township officials.

The Supervisor’s salary will go from $59,702.85, set expecting previous Supervisor John Rossi would be elected, to the following

  • 2013-14: $40,000
  • 2014-15: $40,800
  • 2015-16: $41,616
  • 2016-17: $42,228

In a reversal from Algonquin Township concerning what official gets paid how much, the highest paid official in Grafton Township will be the Township Assessor. In Algonquin, it is the Road Commissioner.

Whoever is elected Assessor, now getting $77,405.85, will receive

  • 2013-14: $68,000
  • 2014-15: $69,360
  • 2015-16: $70,747
  • 2016-17: $72,162

The new Road Commissioner is now getting $71,021.75. He will get

  • 2013-14: $58,000
  • 2014-15: $59,160
  • 2015-16: $60,343
  • 2016-17: $61,550

The next Township Clerk’s salary, this year $11,211.68, will be

  • 2013-14: $7,200
  • 2014-15: $7,344
  • 2015-16: $7,491
  • 2016-17: $7,641

And the Trustees, now being paid $100 per meeting, will get

  • 2013-14: $75 per meeting
  • 2014-15: $80 per meeting
  • 2015-16: $85 per meeting
  • 2016-17: $90 per meeting

An effort to limit the total annual compensation for Trustees to $1,500 went by the wayside.

Taxpayer-financed health insurance will be limited to the Supervisor, Road Commissioner, Assessor and Clerk.  Unlike now, free dependent coverage will not exist.

As with other Township employees, the employee will have to pay for dependent insurance.

All but the Trustees will be enrolled in the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF).


Grafton Township Lowers Salaries — 3 Comments

  1. Too bad lawsuit Linda’s salary is so high now.

    Such a waste of money!

  2. Who set the salaries?

    Oh, right.

    The trustees who wanted Rossi reelected as supervisor set the current salaries.

    I guess they were pretty frustrared when he was not reelected and Moore ended up with the paycheck instead.

    That would be around the time their huge new expensive building plans went poof.

    Now the current trustees are reducing the pay.

    I wonder if that is to paint an image of fiscal respomsibility.

    So that they get reelected perhaps?

    Clueless about the fact the public knows this game and thinks it is pathetic and insulting.

  3. What is pathetic and insulting is the fact that people are still stuck on the building and thinking Rossi has anything to do with this.

    Wow, do you really know the facts.

    I for one am glad they lowered the salaries.

    How about lowering the supervisor $26,000.00 more for her stunt on taking the township records and did not coming clean till after the fact.

    Except for a small few I think most are seeing the supervisor for exactly what she is.

    Totally incapable of working with people, getting along with others and telling nothing but half-truths.

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