Sheriff’s Candidates Campaign at Nunda Township GOP Picnic

Nunda Township Republican Precinct Committeemen stepped forward to be introduced.  From left to right are Barb Wheeler, Nick Provenzano, Bridgett Provenzano, Don Kopsell, Mary McClellan, James Becker, Mary Alger, Joe Gottemoller, Dave Gervais, Chairman Mark Daniel, Mike Shorten and Mary Donner.

In a Veterans Acres picnic, the Nunda Township Republican Central Committee hosted area residents and politicians Saturday afternoon.

I got the privilege of introducing the two newest candidates for McHenry County Sheriff, Jim Harrison and Bill Prim.

Jim Harrison, on the left, and Bill Prim get to know each other at the Nunda Township Republican Picnic. In the background are County Coroner candidate Dr. Anne Majewski and, in the cowboy hat, Fox River Grove GOP Precinct Committeeman Andy Gasser.

Although sitting about ten feet away, Sheriff Keith Nygren’s choice, Andy Zinke, who announced over a year ago, didn’t show any desire to meet his rivals.

Andy Zinke gets up from a Crystal Lake Park District picnic table. Pro-Life leader Irene Napier can be seen in the background.

Both Harrison and Prim talked to the crowd.

Sheriff’s candidate Bill Prim talked to the gathered Republicans.

Jim Harrison addressed the gathered faithful as well.

Zinke left the Nunda Township Republican Picnic before the speeches were given.


Sheriff’s Candidates Campaign at Nunda Township GOP Picnic — 16 Comments

  1. This was a very good event. The primaries are behind us…

    …the general election is not the time to break ranks.

    I am all in for Dan Duffy. As a tea party leader I am all in for David McSweeney. I will knock on over 3,000 doors for them both.

    I am all in for Joe Walsh. I am all in for Randy Hultgren. I am all in for Pete Roskam. I will volunteer time with all three campaigns and ensure Mr. Roskam carries the 13 precincts I walk.

    Like Joe Walsh, no one will have more town halls than Joe and no one will knock on more doors than me except for the candidates.

    Nothing else matters except defeating Mike Madigan and sending Republicans back to DC. Again, if you do not like our candidates primary them, but if you loose do not hold that grudge – it is unhealthy – trust me.

    It is ok to disagree with Joe, Randy, and Pete. Let em know… but sending a liberal democrat to DC is worse than anything.

    Besides – we have township primaries coming up – lets be heard then.

    Andrew Gasser

  2. Zinke apparently was demonstrating his best Nygren training by failing to greet or acknowledge Harrison and Prim.

    WYSIWYG – What you see is what you get.

    Nygren snubbed me at Walgreens, at the early-voting room in the County Administration Building and at a Harvard Expo. It showed me what a small-minded man he really is.

    Is Zinke following closely in Nygren’s footsteps?

    Andy, you can borrow my line from the last sheriff’s forum in 2010.

    When asked how I thought I’d do, I said that I was guaranteed to come in no worst than third.

    You can have that line, at least until a fourth candidate shows up.

  3. Andy is a pathetic and weak man. Book learned, maybe, but is not up to the job.
    Wanted it handed to him.

  4. I heard Andy the Clown blew a gasket and stormed off like a little child. Reportedly his wife showed her true colors too.

    Anyone have a knife, I hear Kim Zinke has a thing for playing with them.

    Be careful Nunda voters, she’ll cut you. Ask the detectives at MCSO.

    Andy the Clown, its going to be a long two years for you my friend.

    Jim and Bill look good. Two capable candidates. I am looking forward to hearing their ideas .

  5. Republican Party ask yourself who is theses 2 guys Jim and Bill thats running for sheriff?

    Who asked theses 2 blow hards to the picnic?

    They did not impress me at all.

  6. What is up with Andy the Clown and Jim the attorney I need a job.

    Boys get rid of the T-Shirts you look like Crap. Prim you looked very professional.

    Sheriff Prim, YES

  7. I hope the talk about the knife thing comes out I would love to hear more about that, hahahaha Andy the clown its going to be a long 18 month.

    Enjoy my friend

  8. Andy please stop with the Police shirts anyone can donate money to a Law Enforcement agency and get them,

    I’m not impressed.

    I guess it does fool the public.

  9. I see those that don’t like the Sheriff’s department are staying classy.

    I figure when a law enforcement officer is bringing the gutter talk out of the sorts who would say some of the stuff above he must be doing something right.

  10. I am thinking of running for Sheriff, I am a former correction Officer for two different county’s one of them Mchenry, I know what needs to be changed throughout the Departments…

  11. Guido its always nice to see people in the law enforcement field looking to run for office.

    McHenry County are full of seasoned Political Sharks that would eat there own.

    I have seen it time and time again, the McHenry County Sheriffs office in my opinion is a disgrace to law enforcement, get on Prims side he will clean this crap up.

  12. As I read the blogs about elections approaching, I think it would be a good idea to read the marquee in front of Marshall Lowe’s property on Route 14, between Cary and Crystal Lake, shortly before you reach the Township offices.

    The message says something about voter apathy and “evil men running our lives.”

    Gotta go by and read it again; it’s right on point.

    I’d knock on doors for Marshall; he’d be a formidable candidate for you know what office.

  13. Loser Central, if you ask me.

    Geez…no wonder the private sector works so much better than the public sector. What a group.

    Imagine what the Democratic loser picnic attracts.

    Whew. God Help us.

  14. What did Kim Zinke tell you Cal at the picnic , it did not look good.

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