Walsh Criticizes Duckworth for Stating People Are Better Off than They Were Four Years Ago

A press release from Congressman Joe Walsh:

Duckworth still believes we’re better off than we were four year ago

Friday night, Fox Chicago hosted the second televised joint appearance between Congressman Joe Walsh and his opponent, Tammy Duckworth.

Tammy Duckworth and Joe Walsh faced off on Fox News on Friday night.

During the joint appearance each candidate asked their opponent a question. Walsh asked Duckworth if she still believed her statement that people in the 8th district are better off than they were four years ago. Duckworth replied “absolutely!”

Congressman Walsh later responded, “Maybe she believes people are better off, because as a bureaucrat in the Obama Administration she hasn’t experienced the setbacks big government policies have implemented on the private sector, but the fact is average people are hurting.

“While median income is down by $4,000 a year, gas prices, foreclosures, unemployment and food prices are up.”

“If Duckworth spent more time in the district and less time raising money for her campaign in California and New York, she might understand how dire this economy remains for small businesses and workers.

“While she remains outside of the district gaining political and financial support, I make myself accessible to the people of the 8th district.

“I hope Ms. Duckworth will join me to tour the 8th district one afternoon so she will finally understand that folks are not better off than they were four years ago.”


Walsh Criticizes Duckworth for Stating People Are Better Off than They Were Four Years Ago — 19 Comments

  1. The only way in which I personally am worse off is that I have this horrible loudmouthed buffoon as my representative. once we bounce his butt back to the unemployment line I’ll be just fine.

    Oh wait, no, I forgot “Joe” moves wherever he thinks he can get elected so he’ll be out of my life in January no matter what and it will be another unfortunate district’s cross to bear. And for those of you counting at home this will be the FOURTH congressional district “Joe” has called home for election purposes…..Emphasis on the “CALLED.”

  2. One could only wish that all elected representatives were as honest as Mr. Walsh.

    This country would never have gotten to be in the dire situation we are in had that been true.

  3. Since Joe Walsh was cleared of any child support arrears, that makes you a dishonest person.

  4. Tammy Duckworth is seen often in Cabelas Outfiters
    buying nothing.

    Can we assume she is casing the store for her gun control buddies?

    We know Joe supports our 2nd Amendant rights.

    God Bless you…. Joe.

  5. Tell me something you repubs…..how can we better off when the repubs objective was only and I say only…to see that our Pres dosen’t get a 2nd term.

    The most do nothing house of reps ever!!!

    They have done everything to ignore all of our President’s job ideas!!

    You go Tammy and our pres will survive spite all the repubs lies!!!

    They can’t handle the truth!!

  6. Joe Walsh fits in with the republican house who mostly are criminals.

    He owed federal taxes which he claims he didn’t know he owed, and he drove without insurance.

    We need laws to make criminal ineligible to run for office.

    He also while claiming to be a tea bagger took big money from the banks.

    Not honest at all.

  7. I wish every politician had the backbone and the tenacity to stand for Constitutional principles and uphold the oath of office as Joe does.

    He is holding the line against tyranny! God Bless you Joe!

  8. Speaking of criminals, lies and laws…..

    Obama is the biggest offender of them all.

  9. I do not know if Mitt Romney is better off now than he was four years ago.

    He still will not release 4 years of tax returns.

    What is Mitt hiding?

  10. Joe Walsh had to be dragged to court to pay his child support.

    He didn’t voluntarily do it.

    All those years he was derelict in his responsibilities.


  11. VM

    What is Mitt hiding? Why are you so worried about what Mitt does with HIS money – you should be more worried about what Obama is doing with OUR money – (of course most Obama supporters don’t pay taxes so that’s probably not a concern of yours)!

  12. And another thing since your so concerned about Joe’s past – try looking into Obama’s past – see what you find there! Lies, Lies and more lies!


    His money?

    He invested in a company.

    Put it in debt.

    Took a large salery.

    And put it in bankrupcy!

    And although not ilegal,is it the way you want the country run?

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