Joe Rosner Steps Up to Challenge Jack Franks as a Write-in Candidate

Joe Rosner wore a big button to introduce his write-in candidacy for State Representative against Jack Franks.

The McHenry County Republican Party would not allow Tea Party activist Tonya Franklin the opportunity to seek signatures to get on the ballot to run against Marengo Democratic Party State Rep. Jack Franks.

Then Franks decided to use his third unimpeded candidacy time to roil the waters of the McHenry County Board with a referendum to consolidate power in a County Executive.

Now, this guy who has taught state and local government, again points out that the structure of the McHenry County Board is now decentralized.

For example, by County Board rule, the Chairman appoints people to various boards and commissions who are recommended by committees.

With the County Executive form of government, Board members would just have an up or down vote.

Cheers were heard when Joe Rosner was introduced to the crowd as a write-in candidate against Democrat Jack Franks.

Now, a Hebron man has stepped into the breach.

His name is Joe Rosner and he has filed papers to run for State Representative against Jack Franks.

Rosner surfaced Saturday at the Nunda Township Republican Picnic at Crystal Lake’s Veterans Acres.

He mixed with the crowd, introducing himself.

Township Committee Chairman Mark Daniel even gave him an opportunity to speak.

“While I’m new to politics, I’m not new to public service,” he said outlining his military and civilian activities.

He has an interesting three sentence summary of what he would do if elected, but I only got the last sentence:

“The first question [I’ll ask] is, ‘Is it constitutional?'”

In practical terms, it means that people in 63rd District will see a box and a line under the word “Write-in.”

Under Illinois law only those votes cast for him will be counted. Any other won’t be known unless someone is watching in the polling place or where the early and absentee ballots are counted in the courthouse.

As a candidate, however, Rosner, can sign authorizations for supporters to be in precincts to watch such counting. The County Clerk’s Office has the forms that Rosner (or any other candidate) would have to sign.


Joe Rosner Steps Up to Challenge Jack Franks as a Write-in Candidate — 6 Comments

  1. And . . . . . he teaches self-defense and is a motivational speaker.

    He will be returning to the Huntley Civilian Police Academy next month to present simple techniques on how a person can defend himself if physically attacked. Joe is an honorable righteous man.

    Ronda Goldman
    Huntley Civilian Police Academy

  2. I’m pleased that someone is doing something besides waiting for the blessing of the Republican party.

    However, I would need to know what he stands for as I will not cast an “Anyone but X” vote.

    Cal have you planned to interview Mr Rosner or invite him to post on the blog?

  3. I invite all local candidates and elected officials to submit whatever they want potential and/or present constituents to read.

  4. Thank you McHenry County Blog, McBlog Readers and Commenters, I am flattered and humbled.

    It is said if you want change start with yourself.

    My intent was just that, to have a choice other than voting for Jack Franks.

    Leaving the oval on the ballot blank is not a choice, it is the same as supporting Jack Franks and by proxy his boss Michael Madigan.

    Now I have made a choice and you have one to make too.

    When I teach safety and self defense to children, we always end by reciting,

    “I will not be a victim.

    “I will not be a perpetrator.

    “I will not be a bystander.”

    Our state is failing and I can not standby to watch Jack Franks and the Madigan Kleptocracy “win” an election without one, single solitary vote against him.

    We may have to continue as victims but we can’t just be bystanders anymore.

    So I urge YOU to Step Up and Step In!

    IL_Jeffersonian you sir are correct.

    Although many seem to want an “Anyone But Jack” voter option, you should know what I stand for.

    Keeping in mind I running with a “beer money” sized campaign fund, (No donations sought or accepted. Send your extra dollars to Animal House Shelter or SmileTrain or other worthy cause.) and I am just starting to address issues at

    The simple version of my approach is:

    1. Is it Constitutional?

    2. Is a necessary government function?

    3. Can we afford it?

    I am interested in learning what issues the people of the 63rd District want addressed and their opinions.

    Should I be elected I will decide my votes and take the heat for my votes.

    But you will be heard and you will know my position.

    Want to help?

    Email your circle of influence.

    Get them informed and urge them to take action.

    I am not asking anyone, any political party or any lobbying group for money or even an endorsement, just email the link to my website, and any other related information out to as many as you care for. If you like, include so it’s fair and balanced.

    If you want to help even more, produce content for the campaign.

    Articles, videos, posters, signs and handouts etc.

    Send me links that you think should be on the campaign’s web pages. Also send Candidate Questionnaires from groups you belong to and I will answer them to the best of my ability, then post them online.

    Agree or disagree I won’t weasel on issues.

    If invited to, I will speak with any group in the district.

    The Franks/Madigan Combine can not be beaten by traditional strategies and tactics.

    But that’s not how American Patriots defeated King George, is it?

    They may have the money, the political organization and the power.

    We have an insurgent campaign by, for and of the People.

    Step Up and Step In! Fill in the oval and Write In “Joe Rosner”.

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