More Money from Dems for “Hole Card” Dee Beaubien (Ind.-Madigan), $38,500 So Far

The Democratic Party of Illinois keeps pouring more money into Independent (that’s what it will say on the ballot) candidate for State Representative Dee Beaubien.

$2,831.33 for printing this time.

On Sunday, Mike Madigan “hole card” Dee Beaubien reported getting another $2,831.33 from the Illinois Democratic Party, which he controls.

It was reported on Sunday.

That makes $38,517.38 by my reckoning.

Meanwhile, normal people were out enjoying the good weather.

A family enjoys the good weather with a cruise on their pontoon boat on Wonder Lake.

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An observation: It mystifies me why the Mainstream Media hasn’t picked up on the House Speaker’s deep, deep involvement in the Dee Beaubien-Dave McSweeney race.

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From The Free Dictionary by Farlex:

hole card
1. A card in stud poker that is dealt face-down and that the holder is not obliged to reveal before the showdown.

2. Informal Something held in reserve until it can be used advantageously.

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